Origin: Wales  
Last update/review: July 21, 1999


Tredegar was formed by Tony Bourge and Ray Phillips (both ex-Budgie) several years after Bourge's exit from that band. The one album listed here was quite Budgie-ish, quirky and interesting. I've been told that the band continued for several years after the album's release, with varying lineups (led by Phillips, Bourge had left) and had recorded several more albums (self-financed, I'm guessing), but I have no details of this.

Last Lineup

Russ North

vocals (ex-Cloven Hoof)

Tony Bourge

guitars (ex-Budgie)

Andy Wood

guitars (ex-Cloven Hoof)

Tom Prince


Ray Phillips

drums (ex-Budgie)

Former Members/Guests

Carl Sentance (guest)

vocals (ex-Krokus, Persian Risk)


1985 Nibelung
  1. Duma
  2. The Alchemist
  3. Way of the Warrior
  4. Richard III
  5. Battle of Bosworth
  6. The Jester
  7. Which Way to Go
  8. Wheels
  • Russ North
  • Carl Sentance
  • Tony Bourge
  • Andy Wood
  • Tom Prince
  • Ray Phillips

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