Origin: Japan  
Genres: Black Metal
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Last update/review: January 16, 2017


Tyrant isn't exactly the most unique of band names (the Eighties produced both a German Tyrant and an American Tyrant, among countless other similarly-named acts). This Tyrant is a Japanese black metal band, who on their debut album (1997's Under A Dark Mystic Sky) nails the early Norwegian symphonic black metal style (think early Dimmu Borgir as one reference point) to a T -- indeed, it's probably one of the most Norwegian-sounding albums from a band not from Norway. By the time of Legend, released five years later, the band had matured and developed a bit -- still very much rooted in symphonic black metal, but with a less harsh style, with the more dominating keyboards giving the band a more melodic edge. They released a third album in 2005 but haven't been heard from since.

Current Members

Keisuke Kubo


Yoshihiro Yamaji


Masato Date


Ayumi Kubo


Toshiya Nakamura


Former Members/Guests

Hidenori Tanaka





Under The Dark Mystic Sky  
  1. Prologue To A Tragedy
  2. Grudge Of Dannoura
  3. Ghost Waltz
  4. The God Of Winter
  5. Vice
  6. Into The Hades
  7. Under The Dark Mystic Sky
  8. Mirage Beneath The Black Moon
  • Keisuke Kubo
  • Hidenori Tanaka
  • Ayumi Kubo
  • Masaya

2002 Displeased
  1. Maze of Inferno
  2. Erebus
  3. Wargod
  4. Knight In Black
  5. Tears of Purgatory (Black Rain)
  6. Phantasmagoria
  • Keisuke Kubo
  • Yoshihiro Yamaji
  • Masato Date
  • Ayumi Kubo
  • Toshiya Nakamura

2005 World Chaos
  1. Initiation
  2. Devil’s pact
  3. Fallen angel of plague
  4. Bell, book and candle
  5. Rebellion PART
  6. Riding the breeze
  7. Rebellion PART
  8. Thy night Queen, Hecate
  9. Woe, ruin and death
  10. Babylon, the great
  11. Prophecy of Lucifer
  12. Rebirth of old serpent
  • Keisuke Kubo
  • Yoshihiro Yamaji
  • Masato Date
  • Ayumi Kubo
  • Toshiya Nakamura

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