Origin: Sundsvall, Sweden  
Genres: Gothic Metal, Viking Metal
Last update/review: November 13, 2005


Valkyria is a band that originated as a side project of one John Odhinn Sandin, who has played in a few other black/death bands in the last few years. Self-described as a heathen non-political band, their style is rooted in gothic metal with folk and viking overtones. The debut, Väsens Hymner, was recorded with Sandin playing all the instruments, with a proper band recruited for their second album two years later. Hymner has some decent ideas and the overall style is fine, but the songs themselves seem to lack that certain spark, a situation not helped by a rather muddled production. The vocals by Mist are capable for the female gothic metal style, she has a splendid voice that carries well, with complementary male clean vocals by now-former vocalist Gondul. In actually the band's folky gothic metal is fairly original, and there is potential, but the debut ultimately is a bit unsatisfying.

Last Lineup



John Odhinn Sandin

guitars/bass/drums (ex-In Battle)

Hans Karlsson


Per Karlsson

guitars (ex-Serpent, ex-T.A.R)

Daniel Lgung


Former Members/Guests




Väsens Hymner  
  1. Åkallan till fäderna
  2. Alvedans
  3. Norr om ljuset
  4. Surts gryning
  5. Mörka vatten
  6. Sång av de gångna tl
  7. Nordens galdr
  8. Väsens hymner
  9. Ära från nord
  • Mist
  • Gondul
  • John Odhinn Sandin

Förfäders Stämmor  
  1. Intro
  2. Släktskapsbandet
  3. Skogshymn
  4. Makters Språk
  5. Norra Bygder
  6. Nordens Skog
  7. Fritjovs Brottning
  8. Den Vackra Sagan
  9. Natten Sjunger Själv
  10. Konungsvalet
  11. Odins Jakt
  • Mist
  • John Odhinn Sandin
  • Hans Karlsson
  • Per Karlsson
  • Daniel Lgung

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