Origin: Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: February 17, 2006
Last update/review: September 26, 2009


Voodooshock was founded by guitarist/vocalist Uwe Groebel, who fronted Naevus for most of the nineties until that band dissolved in 1999. Early Black Sabbath is unquestionably an influence, with Groebel sounding quite a bit like prime Ozzy, with the music being classic 70's-styled doom metal. An album and EP has been recorded thus far, and since then Groebel has recruited a new rhythm section.

Last Lineup

Uwe Groebel

vocals/guitars (ex-Naevus)

Benjamin Mueller


Claus-Peter Hamisch


Former Members/Guests

Michael Greilinger

bass (guest for Phased)

Christian Specker



2002 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Fountain Of Freedom
  2. Rainbow Sky
  3. TomorrowÂ’s Bloom
  4. Lady
  5. Amazing Fire
  6. Living In Paradise
  7. Electric Mind
  8. Showtime
  9. Nights In White Satin
  10. We Cry
  • Uwe Groebel
  • Michael Greilinger
  • Christian Specker

Voodoom  EP
2004 PsycheDOOMelic
  1. Showtime
  2. Amazing Fire
  3. Living In Paradise
  4. PATRA
  5. Fountain Of Freedom
  6. Cordial Vicinity
  • Uwe Groebel
  • Michael Greilinger
  • Christian Specker

Marie Sister's Garden  
  1. . Please Let All Truth In Your Heart
  2. Marie's Sister's Garden
  3. Funeral Farewell
  4. Feeding Flames With Letters
  5. Truth
  6. Custom-made But Sacrificed
  7. Miserable Mercy
  8. Warm Knives Cut Deeper
  9. I Need A Rest
  10. Diamond Queen
  11. You Don't Need To Fear Death
  • Uwe Groebel
  • Benjamin Mueller
  • Christian Specker

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