Origin: Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: March 12, 1997

Vicious Barreka

This curiously-named band put out one album in the mid eighties that, while suffering from a subpar production, was quite good -- hard-edged metal with vocals that were more spoken than sung. A second album, entitled Second Stage, was released in demo form by the band, and said to be in a similar style.

Last Lineup

Jo Jo Monroe


Chris Chaparro


Brian Ciccone


Tony Dalmas



Outrage, Profanity, And Insanity  
1986 Axe Killer
  1. Rock And Roll Over
  2. Speed Kills
  3. Think Pink
  4. Strike You Down
  5. The Starz Are Out
  6. Messiah
  7. Heavenly Metal
  8. Payin' The Price
  9. The Best There's Ever Been
  10. The Sentence
  • Jo Jo Monroe
  • Chris Chaparro
  • Brian Ciccone
  • Tony Dalmas

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