Origin: London, England  
Genres: Alternative Metal
Page online: December 7, 2023
Last update/review: December 7, 2023


Vodun apparently generated a bit of buzz in their native England with their 2016 Possession album, mixing heavy guitars with African rhythms and themes in a manner rarely heard in musical circles, metal or not. Ascend came out two years later, and it's an odd release to be sure, though that's hardly a bad thing. It's difficult to pigeonhole into standard metal genres, but the closest description might be somewhat progressive alterna-metal, featuring some pretty hyperactive and cowbell-heavy drumming, fine metal riffing, and an extraordinary performance by vocalist Chantal Brown, one of the more un-metallic singers to grace these pages in some time. She comes from a soul background, and at such her singing is a stark contrast to conventional vocalists. Ascend is quirky, different, and quite original.

Current Members

Oya (Chantal Brown)


The Marassa (Lindsay Hamilton)


Lorena Cachito


Former Members/Guests

Ogoun (Zel Kaute)



Eat Up The Sun  EP
  1. Eat Up the Sun
  2. Red Flag
  3. Erzulie
  4. Bondye
  5. Aida Wedo
  6. Mawu
  7. Zaka

  1. Loa's Kingdom
  2. Bondye
  3. Bloodstones
  4. Oya
  5. Loko
  6. Legba's Feast
  7. Possession
  8. Mawu
  9. Minos Army
  10. Divinity
  11. Kanpay Rejeté
  • Oya
  • The Marassa
  • Ogoun

2018 New Heavy Sounds
  1. Spirit's Past
  2. Started From
  3. Providence of Ancestors
  4. Ogun's Fight
  5. Time Honoured
  6. New Doom
  7. Elusive Freedom
  8. Ascend
  9. Rituals
  10. For Your Kin
  • Oya
  • The Marassa
  • Ogoun

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