Origin: Umeå, Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Page online: September 1, 2009
Last update/review: August 20, 2012


Sweden continues to pump out extreme metal bands (extreme meaning some fusion of black or death metal), and Zonaria is just such a band. They were formed in 2002 by then-15-year-olds Simon Berglund and Emil formerly played a more power metal style before going to their present sound. Zonaria is one of those bands that don't directly resemble any other one band, or even one genre in particular, but who combines several common extreme metal components to forge an instantly familiar style. Best described as melodic, semi-symphonic black metal, with a few death elements, slightly downtuned guitars and even the occasional viking interlude, the songs race by at pretty much the same tempo, rendering them rather samey at times. Give them time, they're still pretty young, and already adept musicians, they could use a branching out of their style a bit.

Current Members

Simon Berglund

vocals/lead guitar

Max Malmer


Former Members/Guests

Emil Nyström


Jerry Ekman


Markus Åkebo


Emanuel Isaksson



Infamy And The Breed  
2007 Pivotal
  1. Infamy
  2. The Last Endeavour
  3. Pandemic Assault
  4. The Armageddon Anthem
  5. Rendered in Vain
  6. Image of Myself
  7. Evolution Overdose
  8. Attending Annihilation
  9. Descend into Chaos
  10. Ravage the Breed
  11. The Black Omen
  12. Everything is Wasteland
  • Simon Berglund
  • Emil Nyström
  • Jerry Ekman
  • Emanuel Isaksson

The Cancer Empire  
2008 Century Media
  1. Slaughter is Passion
  2. Praise the Eradication
  3. Crowning King Cancer
  4. Contra Mundum
  5. Termination Process
  6. At War with the Inferior
  7. From the Abysmal Womb
  8. Damnation Dressed in Flesh
  9. Humanity Vs Sanity
  10. The Icon and the Faceless
  • Simon Berglund
  • Emil Nyström
  • Markus Åkebo
  • Emanuel Isaksson

Arrival Of The Red Sun  
2012 Listenable
  1. Arrival of the Red Sun
  2. Silent Holocaust
  3. Gunpoint Salvation
  4. Liberation Zero
  5. The Blood That Must Be Paid
  6. Desert Storms
  7. A Lullaby to Those Still Alive
  8. Full Spectrum Dominance
  9. My Vengeance Remains
  10. Face My Justice
  • Simon Berglund
  • Emil Nyström
  • Max Malmer
  • Emanuel Isaksson

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