Origin: Australia  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: June 18, 2007


Hailing from Australia, Alarum has released a gem of an album in Fluid Motion, an intense progressive/thrash/fusion mixture that invites inevitable (and favorable) comparisons to bands such as Cynic and Atheist. Alarum is less death metal based than these two, as the vocals here are more often clean (though some harsher vocals are heard as well), but their riffs are equally twisted and complex, and there is a great deal of different shades and moods on display. There are occasions when the riffing is just a tad too complex, overshadowing the songs themselves, but this is a minor complaint. An excellent production, particularly impressive given this is a self-released album, rounds out the package. There is immense talent here, hopefully Fluid Motion is only the beginning of a stellar career.

A second album, Eventuality ..., was released in 2004.

Current Members

Mark Palfreyman

vocals/bass (The Levitation Hex)

Scott Young

guitars (The Levitation Hex)

John Sanders


Rob Brens


Former Members/Guests

Mark Evans


Matthew Racovalis


Ben Hocking (guest)

guitars (The Levitation Hex)


Fluid Motion  
1999 Metal Warriors
  1. Realization
  2. Internal
  3. It Passes Always
  4. Blueprint
  5. Could This Be Real
  6. Severed
  7. Taking Place
  8. Silence
  • Mark Palfreyman
  • Scott Young
  • Mark Evans
  • Matthew Racovalis

Eventuality ...  
  1. Velocity
  2. Sustained Connection
  3. Lost Pleiad
  4. Receiver
  5. Remote Viewing
  6. Inertial Grind
  7. Cygnus X-1
  8. Throughout The Moment
  9. Woven Imbalance
  10. Boundless Intent (Part 1)
  11. Boundless Intent (Part 2)
  12. Subject To Change
  13. Event Duality
  14. Audio Synthesis
  15. Reconditioned
  • Mark Palfreyman
  • Scott Young
  • Mark Evans
  • Matthew Racovalis

Natural Causes  
2011 Willowtip
  1. Natural Causes
  2. Shifting Skies Like Nothing
  3. For New Creation
  4. The Signal
  5. EvspaƱol
  6. Non-Linear Parallels
  7. Silent Betrayal
  8. Interface
  9. Boundless Intent Part 3
  10. Sensory Endeavour
  11. Transpiration
  12. Undivided
  • Mark Palfreyman
  • Mark Evans
  • Rob Brens

Circle's End  
  1. Sphere of Influence
  2. Syzygy
  3. Delta
  4. Crystals
  5. Sand
  6. War of Nerves
  7. In Spiral
  8. Thoughts to Measure
  9. Circle's End
  10. Sojourn
  • Mark Palfreyman
  • Scott Young
  • John Sanders
  • Ben Hocking

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