Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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Page online: February 12, 2007
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Angel Blake

Angel Blake is one of several bands that came about following the breakup of The Crown in 2004 (One Man Army And The Undead Quartet was another), this group led by guitarist Marko Tervonen. He named his new project after a Danzig song (a hint as to the musical direction), recruited former Transport League vocalist Tony Jelencovich, and the duo promptly recorded a self-titled album in 2006. Sure enough, this is nothing like the thrashy death of The Crown, but what Angel Blake is is a solid goth-inspired dark heavy rock album, at times bringing to mind bands such as (recent) Sentenced and the aforementioned Danzig. It's quite well done, both guys acquitting themselves well and there's a fair amount of diversity on display, though the cover of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" is a bit odd (it's been done by other bands, and while there's nothing really wrong with this version, it's far from the album highlight). After Angel Blake, Jelencovich left, Tervonen recruited three more members to comprise a proper band, and a followup album was released in 2008, but they disappeared after that and are presumed disbanded.

Last Lineup

Tobias Jansson

vocals (Diabolical, ex-Evil Masquerade)

Marko Tervonen

guitars (The Crown)

Anders Edlund

guitars (ex-Solution .45, ex-Solar Dawn)

Örjan Wressel


Janne Saarenpää

drums (ex-The Crown)

Former Members/Guests

Tony Jelencovich

vocals (ex-M.A.N, Transport League)


Angel Blake  
2006 Metal Blade
  1. The Force
  2. Lycanthrope
  3. Retaliate
  4. Self-Terminate
  5. Solitude, My Friend
  6. Autumnal
  7. The Forsaken
  8. Thousand Storms
  9. Paint It Black
  10. ... 'Til the End
  • Tony Jelencovich
  • Marko Tervonen

The Descended  
2008 Metal Blade
  1. Anywhere But Here
  2. Defenseless
  3. Again
  4. When All The Lights Are Out
  5. Alone
  6. Wasn't Meant To Last
  7. In Silence - Augerum
  8. The Descended
  9. Silent Voice
  10. You'll Never Need To Feel Again
  • Tobias Jansson
  • Marko Tervonen
  • Anders Edlund
  • Örjan Wressel
  • Janne Saarenpää

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