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Genres: Black Metal
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The venerable black metal band Ancient originated in 1992 as a solo project for Aphazel, who has remained the one constant amidst numerous changes over the years both in lineups and in home countries (originating in Norway, the band spent some time in the US and now calls Italy home). Stylistically, Ancient is first and foremost a black metal band, enough so that they have been described in the past as either generic or copyists. While it is true that much of their work does come across as traditional, basic black metal, labelling them copycats is a bit strong. Moreover, the band has grown immeasurably over the years, especially when placing their debut Svartalheim, with its minimalist old-school values, next to their recent Promixa Centauri, clearly their most adventurous and least generic effort yet. Yes, most of their albums do little to expand the genre, but Ancient is still an accomplished band worthy of attention, and if nothing else serve as fine representatives of black metal.

Current Members

Aphazel (Magnus Garset)




Jesus Christ!


Grom (Diego Meraviglia)

drums (ex-DoomSword, ex-Hate Profile, Hortus Animae)

Former Members/Guests

Kimberly Goss

vocals (ex-Sinergy)



Deadly Kristin











1994 Listenable
  1. Svartalvheim
  2. Trumps Of An Archangel
  3. Huldradans
  4. The Call Of The Absu Deep
  5. Det Glemte Riket
  6. Paa Evig Vandring
  7. Ved Trolltjern
  8. Eerily Howling Winds
  9. Likferd
  • Aphazel
  • Grimm

1995 Damnation
  1. Trolltaar
  2. Nattens Skjonnhet
  3. Fjellets Hemmelighet
  • Aphazel
  • Grimm

The Cainian Chronicle  
1996 Metal Blade
  1. Ponderous Moonlighting
  2. At The Infernal Portal (Canto III)
  3. Cry of Marianne
  4. Prophecy of Gehenna
  5. Song of Kaiaphas
  6. EXU
  7. The Pagan Cycle
  8. Homage to Pan
  • Kimberly Goss
  • Aphazel
  • Kaiaphas
  • Kjetil

Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends  
1997 Metal Blade
  1. Malkavian Twilight
  2. A Mad blood Scenario
  3. The Draining
  4. Um Sonho Psycodelico
  5. Sleeping Princess Of The Arges
  6. Her Northern Majesty
  7. Blackeyes
  8. The Emerald Tablet
  9. Willothewisp
  10. Neptune
  11. 5
  12. Hecate, My Love and Lust
  13. Vampirize Natasha
  14. Black Funeral
  15. Morte El Potere
  • Erichte
  • Aphazel
  • Kaiaphas
  • Jesus Christ!

The Halls Of Eternity  
1999 Metal Blade
  1. Cast Into The Unfathomed Deeps
  2. Born In Flames
  3. The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors
  4. A Woeful Summoning
  5. Cosmic Exile
  6. Spiritual Supremacy
  7. The Heritage
  8. I, Madman
  9. From Behind Comes The Sword
  10. The Halls Of Eternity
  11. Arrival
  • Deadly Kristin
  • Aphazel
  • Jesus Christ!
  • Krigse

Det Glemte Riket  
1999 Hammerheart
1999 Readers' Album #100

God Loves The Dead  
2001 Metal Blade
  1. God Loves The Dead
  2. Trolltaar - 2000
  3. Powerslave
  4. The Draining (Re-mix)
  5. Um Sonho Psycodelico (Re-Mix)
  • Deadly Kristin
  • Aphazel
  • Dhilorz
  • Jesus Christ!
  • Grom

Proxima Centauri  
2001 Metal Blade
  1. Proxima Centauri
  2. The Ancient Horadrim
  3. In The Abyss Of The Cursed Souls
  4. The Witch
  5. Apophis
  6. Satan’s Children
  7. Beyond The Realms Of Insanity
  8. Audrina, My Sweet
  9. On Blackest Wings
  10. Eyes Of The Dead
  11. Resurrection
  • Deadly Kristin
  • Aphazel
  • Dhilorz
  • Jesus Christ!
  • Grom

Night Visit  
2004 Metal Blade
  1. Envision the Beast
  2. Rape the Children of Abel
  3. Horroble
  4. Night Visit
  5. Lycanthropy
  6. Night of the Stygian Souls
  7. Fuel the Flames
  8. The Truth Unveiled
  9. The Arctic Mirage
  10. Out in the Haunted Woods
  • Aphazel
  • Dhilorz
  • Jesus Christ!
  • Grom

Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes  COMPILATION
  1. Trolltaar
  2. Nattens Skjønnhet
  3. Eerily Howling Winds
  4. The Call Of The Absu Deep
  5. Det Glemte Riket
  6. Trumps Of An Archangel
  7. Paa Evig Vandring
  8. Likferd
  9. Det Glemte Riket

Back To The Land Of The Dead  
2016 Soulseller
  1. Land Of The Dead
  2. Beyond The Blood Moon
  3. The Sempiternal Haze
  4. The Empyrean Sword
  5. The Ancient Disarray
  6. Occlude The Gates
  7. The Excruciating Journey Part I: Defiance And Rage
  8. The Excruciating Journey Part II: The Prodigal Years
  9. The Excruciating Journey Part III: The Awakening
  10. Death Will Die
  11. The Spiral
  12. Petrified By Their End
  13. 13 Candles

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