Origin: Finland  
Genres: Power Metal
Last update/review: July 5, 2015


Kimberly Goss contributed backing vocals to several bands once upon a time (Ancient, Dimmu Borgir and Avernus at least), but Sinergy was her band, formed alongside guitarist (and one-time husband) Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom. The band originated as a project led by Goss and then-guitarist it, but with Goss' move to Finland some time later, the project became a full-time band. Musically, the band played Euro power-speed metal, similar to the members' other bands (Hammerfall, Children Of Bodom), with Goss' melodic vocals being the most distinct feature of the band. For years a fourth album was reportedly in the works, but with Laiho involved with his band and Goss more or less retired from the metal music scene, the album was never completed, and Sinergy is no more.

Last Lineup

Kimberly Goss

vocals (ex-Ancient)

Alexi Laiho

guitars (ex-Bodom After Midnight, ex-Children Of Bodom, ex-Impaled Nazarene) RIP: December 29, 2020, cirrhosis, age 41

Roope Latvala

guitars (ex-Children Of Bodom, Stone, ex-Waltari, ex-Warmen)

Lauri Porra

bass (Stratovarius, ex-Warmen)

Janne Parviainen

drums (ex-Barathrum, Ensiferum, ex-Waltari)

Former Members/Guests

Jesper Strömblad

guitars (CyHra, Dimension Zero, The Halo Effect, ex-HammerFall, ex-In Flames, ex-The Resistance)

Sharlee D'Angelo (Charles Andreason)

bass (Arch Enemy, ex-Dismember, ex-Illwill, ex-Mercyful Fate, The Night Flight Orchestra, Spiritual Beggars, ex-Witchery)

Marco Hietala

bass (ex-Nightwish, ex-Tarot, ex-To/Die/For)

Ronny Milianowicz

drums (ex-Dionysus)

Tonmi Lillman

drums (ex-Ajattara, ex-Lordi, ex-To/Die/For) RIP: February 14, 2012


Beware The Heavens  
1999 Nuclear Blast
  1. Venomous Vixens
  2. The Fourth World
  3. Born under Fire and Passion
  4. The Warrios Princess
  5. Beware The Heavens
  6. Razor Blade Salvation
  7. Swarmed
  8. Pulsation
  9. Virtual Future
  • Kimberly Goss
  • Alexi Laiho
  • Jesper Strömblad
  • Sharlee D'Angelo
  • Ronny Milianowicz
1999 Readers' Album #94

To Hell And Back  
2000 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Bitch Is Back!
  2. Midnight Madness
  3. Lead Us To War
  4. Laid To Rest
  5. Gallowmere
  6. Return To The Fourth World
  7. Last Escape
  8. Wake Up In Hell
  9. Hanging On The Telephone
  • Kimberly Goss
  • Alexi Laiho
  • Roope Latvala
  • Marco Hietala
  • Tonmi Lillman

Suicide By My Side  
2001 Nuclear Blast
  1. I Spit On Your Grave
  2. The Sin Trade
  3. Violated
  4. Me, Myself, My Enemy
  5. Written In Stone
  6. Nowhere For No One
  7. Passage To The Fourth World
  8. Shadow Island
  9. Suicide By My Side
  10. Remembrance
  • Kimberly Goss
  • Alexi Laiho
  • Roope Latvala
  • Marco Hietala
  • Tonmi Lillman

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