Origin: Finland  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: November 11, 2003
Last update/review: September 3, 2023


Warmen is the project led by Janne Warman, well known as the keyboardist in Children Of Bodom. To date two albums have been released, with the debut Soldier more a solo project album, with a proper band fleshed out in time for the followup, Beyond Abilities. The star here, of course, is Warman, as he proves himself an exemplary keyboardist, though he rarely resorts to pointlessly showing off. Musically, there's a lot of the current Euro upbeat melodic speed/power metal on display, with Warmen's classical background is often pushed to the fore, bringing to mind a Yngwie Malmsteen in musical style. Unknown Soldier is essentially an instrumental album, save two songs where Kimberly Goss (Sinergy) provides guest vocals, while Beyond Abilities welcomes a trio of accomplished guest singers as Goss, Timo Kotipello of Stratovarius, (Throne Of Chaos) contribute vocals to the majority of the songs. Warman isn't a particularly heavy band in the traditional sense of metal, but it is an accomplished band/project, and fans of classical-influenced melodic metal will find this band interesting.

Current Members

Petri Lindroos

vocals (Ensiferum, ex-Norther)

Antti Wirman


Jyri Helko


Janne Wirman

keyboards (ex-Children Of Bodom)

Seppo Tarvainen


Former Members/Guests

Sami Virtanen


Roope Latvala

guitars (ex-Children Of Bodom, ex-Sinergy, Stone, ex-Waltari)

Jan Kainulainen


Lauri Porra

bass (ex-Sinergy, Stratovarius)

Mirka Rantanen

drums (ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-Thunderstone)


Unknown Soldier  
2000 Spinefarm
  1. Introduction
  2. The Evil That Warmen Do
  3. Devil's Mistress
  4. Hopeless Optomism
  5. Unknown Soldier
  6. Fire Within
  7. Warcry Of Salieri
  8. Into The Oblivion
  9. Piano Intro
  10. Treasure Within
  11. Soldiers Of Fortune
  • Sami Virtanen
  • Roope Latvala
  • Jan Kainulainen
  • Janne Wirman
  • Mirka Rantanen

Beyond Abilities  
2001 Spinefarm
  1. Beyond Abilities
  2. Spark
  3. Hidden
  4. Trip To
  5. Dawn
  6. Singer's Chance
  7. Alone
  8. Confessions
  9. Salieri Strikes Back
  10. War Of Worlds
  11. Finale
  • Sami Virtanen
  • Antti Wirman
  • Lauri Porra
  • Janne Wirman
  • Mirka Rantanen

Accept The Fact  
2005 Spinefarm
  1. Accept the Fact
  2. Invisible Power
  3. Waters of Lethe
  4. Roppongi Rumble
  5. They All Blame Me
  6. Puppet
  7. Lying Delilah
  8. Return of Salieri
  9. Somebody's Watching Me
  • Sami Virtanen
  • Antti Wirman
  • Lauri Porra
  • Janne Wirman
  • Mirka Rantanen

Japanese Hospitality  
2009 Spinefarm
  1. Japanese Hospitality
  2. Eye Of The Storm
  3. Goodbye
  4. My Fallen Angel
  5. Don't Bring Her Here
  6. High Heels On Cobblestone
  7. Switcharoo
  8. Black Cat (Janet Jackson cover)
  9. Unconditional Confession
  10. Separate Ways (Journey cover)
  • Antti Wirman
  • Jyri Helko
  • Janne Wirman
  • Mirka Rantanen

The Evil That Warmen Do  COMPILATION
2010 Spinefarm
  1. Beyond Abilities
  2. Spark
  3. Singer's Chance
  4. The Evil That Warmen Do
  5. Lying Delilah
  6. Hidden
  7. Dawn
  8. Alone
  9. Invisible Power
  10. Devil's Mistress
  11. They All Blame Me
  12. Somebody's Watching Me
  13. Separate Ways

First Of The Five Elements  
  1. Intromental
  2. The Race
  3. The Red Letter
  4. Ruler of Your World
  5. Suck My Attitude
  6. When Worlds Collide
  7. First of the Five Elements
  8. Devil in Disguise
  9. Like a Virgin (Madonna cover)
  10. Anger
  11. Human Race
  12. Man Behind the Mask (Alice Cooper cover)
  • Antti Wirman
  • Jyri Helko
  • Janne Wirman
  • Mirka Rantanen

First Of The Five Elements  
2023 Reaper
  1. Warmen Are Here for None
  2. The Driving Force
  3. A World of Pain
  4. Too Much, Too Late
  5. Night Terrors
  6. Hell on Four Wheels
  7. The End of the Line
  8. Death's on Its Way
  9. The Cold Unknown
  10. Dancing with Tears in My Eye
  • Petri Lindroos
  • Antti Wirman
  • Jyri Helko
  • Janne Wirman
  • Seppo Tarvainen

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