Origin: Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: March 15, 2011
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Dawn Of Winter

This German doom band has been around for twenty-plus years now, forming in 1990. They've recorded sporadically, with only two albums and a couple of EPs, and have been inactive for large stretches of time (no doubt part of this was the involvement of two core members in bands such as Tragedy Divine and Sacred Steel). Their 2009 effort, The Peaceful Dead, celebrates traditional doom in all its glory, with Candlemass the most prevalent soundalike alongside other doom legends like St. Vitus and Pentagram. This won't convert a non-believer, but classic doom fans will clearly appreciate this band.

Current Members

Gerrit Mutz

vocals (Battleroar, Sacred Steel, ex-Tragedy Divine)

Jörg Michael Knittel

guitars/keyboards (ex-Sacred Steel, ex-Tragedy Divine)

Joachim Schmalzried


Dennis Schediwy


Former Members/Guests

Oliver Schramm



Celebrate The Agony  EP
  1. Forsaken and Forlorn
  2. The Black Angel
  3. Dance in Despair
  4. Path of the Worm
  5. Long Forgotten Realms
  • Gerrit Mutz
  • Jörg Michael Knittel
  • Joachim Schmalzried
  • Oliver Schramm

In The Valley Of Tears  
1998 Iron Glory
  1. Fallen Empire
  2. Return to Forever
  3. Ritual Magic
  4. In the Valley of Tears
  5. Where Low the Ravens Fly
  6. Carnival of Souls
  7. Funeral
  8. Black Revelations
  9. Sad Ocean
  10. Dawn of Winter
  • Gerrit Mutz
  • Jörg Michael Knittel
  • Joachim Schmalzried
  • Dennis Schediwy

Slow Is The Suffering  EP
  1. Titus Vanis
  2. Slow is the Suffering
  3. Thirty and Miserable
  • Gerrit Mutz
  • Jörg Michael Knittel
  • Joachim Schmalzried
  • Dennis Schediwy

Doomcult Performance  COMPILATION
2003 Iron Glory
  1. Celebrate the Agony
  2. Ritual Magic
  3. Sweet Dark Misery
  4. Dawn of the Autumn Frost
  5. Black Revelations
  6. Destroy the World
  7. Birthday Depression
  8. Awaken in the Ashes
  9. The Witchfinder
  10. Elegy of Pain
  11. The Poet Sleeps Forever

The Peaceful Dead  
2008 Shadow Kingdom
  • Gerrit Mutz
  • Jörg Michael Knittel
  • Joachim Schmalzried
  • Dennis Schediwy

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