Origin: Finland  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: September 12, 2007

Fall Of The Leafe

Fall Of The Leafe was an interesting Finnish band whose decade-long career was defined by originality and making music on their own terms. It all started with 1997's Evanescent, Everfading featuring a blend of melodic death metal and pronounced folk influences (at times bringing Skyclad to mind), with quiet passages interspersed with more aggressive riffing providing a rich and varied style. By the time of 2002's Fermina, though, the folk influences were completely gone, the vocals of Tuomas Tuominen are a clean croon, and the musical style is more in the gothic rock camp, with occasional nods to the Gothenburg melodic death riffing style being the only real link to their earlier work. As their career progressed, ultimately spanning six albums, it was clear that this was a band never afraid to experiment or stray from the fads of the day. They announced their retirement in August 2007.

Last Lineup

Tuomas Tuominen


Jussi Hänninen


Kaj Gustafsson


Miska Lehtivuori

bass (Ablaze In Hatred)

Petri Hannuniemi


Matias Aaltonen


Former Members/Guests

Jani Lindström


Mika Rostedt


Juha Kouhi


Marko Hyytiä



Evanescent, Everfading  
1997 Defiled
  1. The Celestial Keeper
  2. ...And the Heavens Fell
  3. The Garden by the Shoreless Sea
  4. The Wings of My Desire Untamed
  5. My Weeping Goddess Astrophel
  6. Starfire
  7. With Each Fall of the Leafe
  8. Within the Everfrozen Winternight
  9. Evanescent, Everfading
  • Jani Lindström
  • Jussi Hänninen
  • Kaj Gustafsson
  • Juha Kouhi
  • Marko Hyytiä

August Wernicke  
2000 Icarus
  1. Into the Autumnsphere
  2. Deference, Diminuend
  3. Platinum
  4. I Feathe to the Juniper
  5. Machina Mimesis (In the Corner Café)
  6. Lectured by the Demons of Dreams
  7. Wonder Clouds Rain
  8. Effloresce Black & White
  9. In Morning Mood a Utopia-Revelation
  10. Bleak Picture, August
  • Tuomas Tuominen
  • Jussi Hänninen
  • Mika Rostedt
  • Juha Kouhi
  • Petri Hannuniemi
  • Marko Hyytiä

2002 Icarus
  1. Counterfeit Bloom
  2. Feather Duster Premiere
  3. Stumbling Stone
  4. Blind Carbon Copies
  5. Chameleon Loop
  6. Flamenco Scheme
  7. Fermination, Smooth and Fine
  8. Soul Bay Beat
  9. Signatures, Baby Bomb
  • Tuomas Tuominen
  • Jussi Hänninen
  • Kaj Gustafsson
  • Juha Kouhi
  • Petri Hannuniemi
  • Marko Hyytiä

2004 Rage Of Achilles
  1. A Waiting Room Slap
  2. If Mirrors Leave Men in Crumbs
  3. Enemy Simulator
  4. Pillar of the Sun
  5. Song from the Second Floor
  6. More like a Situation
  7. Hell´s Silence
  8. Big Ol´ Fat Rain inside
  9. Security Locks Are Good
  10. Guilt Threat
  11. Cut the Smoke
  • Tuomas Tuominen
  • Jussi Hänninen
  • Kaj Gustafsson
  • Petri Hannuniemi
  • Matias Aaltonen

2005 Firebox
  1. The Fresco
  2. Morning Works
  3. But the Ghosts Here
  4. In the Silence of the Sand
  5. Off the Map, Under the Sun
  6. Receiver
  7. The Other Room
  8. Ordeal
  9. Quiet Citizen
  10. Cold Java
  11. Discipline And Punish
  12. The End of Harvest
  • Tuomas Tuominen
  • Jussi Hänninen
  • Kaj Gustafsson
  • Miska Lehtivuori
  • Petri Hannuniemi
  • Matias Aaltonen

2007 Firebox
  1. Opening
  2. All the Good Faith
  3. Drawing Worry
  4. Lithe
  5. At a Breath´s Pace
  6. Graceful Retreat
  7. Sink Teeth Here
  8. Minor Nuisance
  9. Especially By Stealth
  10. Look into Me
  11. Closure
  • Tuomas Tuominen
  • Jussi Hänninen
  • Kaj Gustafsson
  • Miska Lehtivuori
  • Petri Hannuniemi
  • Matias Aaltonen

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