Origin: Arlington, Texas, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: March 2, 2004

Last Chapter

Last Chapter was notable for employing Solitude Aeturnus frontman Robert Lowe as guest vocalist on their 1998 debut album. Musically, Last Chapter wasn't too far removed from Solitude Aeturnus -- doom metal with progressive edges, and Lowe's distinctive vocals of course cementing the similarity. Slightly more on the doom side than SA, and a few tracks (notably the instrumentals) wander off into psychedelic territory, which was arguably when the band was at their most interesting. A new vocalist was eventually recruited and their followup album, Paths To Always, was released four years later, but they disbanded shortly after that release.

Last Lineup

Shawn Green


Darrin Davis


Cody Griffith


Terri Pritchard


Chris Clifford


Former Members/Guests

Robert Lowe (guest)

vocals (ex-Candlemass, ex-Concept Of God, ex-Solitude Aeturnus, Tyrant)

Jason Spradlin



The Living Waters  
1998 Pavement
  1. H Sequence
  2. Thorn of Creation
  3. Coma Crowd
  4. The Belated
  5. The Living Waters
  6. In the Wake of Delusion
  7. Dimensions
  8. A Warning Never Heard
  9. Things to Come
  • Robert Lowe
  • Darrin Davis
  • Cody Griffith
  • Terri Pritchard
  • Jason Spradlin

Paths To Always  
2002 Brainticket
  1. Paths To Always
  2. A Little Slumber
  3. Three, Two, One ...
  4. Dead End Ride
  5. In Time
  6. F.N.G.
  7. The Yard
  • Shawn Green
  • Darrin Davis
  • Cody Griffith
  • Terri Pritchard
  • Chris Clifford

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