Origin: Germany  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
Page online: February 17, 2006
Last update/review: February 17, 2006


Naevus formed in Germany in 1991 and featured two members that would later serve concurrently in the power metal band Sacred Steel. In their formative years they were reportedly more in the sludge metal camp, recording a demo or two in the mid-nineties and relaxing their style to a more uptempo metal sound on their only full-length album, Sun Meditation, released in 1998. Sun Meditation is a prototypical Rise Above/Hellhound albums, straddling the line between Sabbathy doom and a psychedelic stoner rock edge, with Uwe Groebel possessing one of those classic melodic doom voices reminiscient of Pentagram's Bobby Liebling, though Groebel is perhaps more melodic and less forceful. It's a solid album for the style, and one that seemlingly isn't as well-known as others in the field, but definitely worth a listen. Groebel later went on to front Voodooshock.

Last Lineup

Uwe Groebel

vocals (ex-Voodooshock)

Oliver Großhans

guitars (ex-Sacred Steel)

Sven Hiemerdinger


Matthias Straub

drums (ex-Mystic Prophecy, Sacred Steel)


Sun Meditation  
1998 Rise Above
  1. Intro (Forest)
  2. Sun Meditation
  3. Sky Diver
  4. Dreamrider
  5. Mirrordancer
  6. Gallery of Fantasy
  7. Dreamworld Wizard / The Sleeping
  8. The 3rd Sun
  9. Intense Perception
  10. Palace of the Winds
  11. The Art to Love
  • Uwe Groebel
  • Oliver GroƟhans
  • Sven Hiemerdinger
  • Matthias Straub

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