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In 2001 came the rather interesting news of a new project. Specifically, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, ex-Nirvana) wished to explore his metal heritage with a project called Probot, intending to rope in several guest vocalists to sing. No doubt there was some skepticism in the metal world about just how "metal" this project might be -- after all, Nirvana and Foo Fighters are hardly traditional metal bands. Then came the reports of the vocalists who would be involved: Lemmy (Motorhead). King Diamond. Snake (Voivod). Tom Warrior (Celtic Frost). Cronos (Venom). Max Cavalera (Soulfly). Wino (Spirit Caravan). Eric Wagner (Trouble). Mike Dean (Corrosion Of Conformity). Lee Dorrian (Cathedral). Kurt Brecht (D.R.I.). Now the interest of the metal world was piqued. Grohl and crew commenced work on the recordings, and in early 2004 the album was finally released (in a wise nod to un-commercialism, Grohl chose to release the album on the indie Southern Lord label rather than a major). As to whether this is real metal or not, it most definitely is, and quite good real metal at that. The most interesting aspect of the album as a whole is that several of the songs sound musically tailored to the vocalist (this may have been Grohl's vision all the while, or maybe not). As such, the album has a compilation feel to it, and given the wide range of vocalists on display here (each of whom, it must be said, put in fine performances), the only minor drawback is that the album may have a hard time being all things to all people. But there are a lot of fans out there that would like at least a few of the songs, and many of those (such as this reviewer) would probably like more than a few. Simply put, Dave Grohl has delivered an excellent album. As of this writing it doesn't appear there are plans for another album.

Last Lineup

David Grohl

all instruments (guest for Killing Joke, ex-Nirvana, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures)


2004 Southern Lord
  1. Centuries of Sin
  2. Red War
  3. Shake Your Blood
  4. Access Babylon
  5. Silint Spring
  6. Ice Cold Man
  7. The Emerald Law
  8. Big Sky
  9. Dictatosaurus
  10. My Tortured Soul
  11. Sweet Dreams
2004 Readers' Album #24

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