Origin: Austin, Texas, USA  
Genres: Industrial
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Last update/review: July 11, 2015


Formed by Adam Grossman and Danny Lohner (who'd later go on to Nine Inch Nails) after the demise of their previous band Angkor Wat, Skrew was an industrial metal pioneer, with their earlier works combining a harsh power/thrash base with sampling, distorted vocals, and a general mechanical feel. Their 3rd and 4th albums strayed from that style and, coincidentally or not, failed to garner the same enthusiasm, and the band went into hiding near the end of the nineties. Grossman put together another new lineup in 2014 and released a new album, Universal Immolation.

Current Members

Hunter Townsend


Adam Grossman

guitars/vocals/programming (ex-Angkor Wat)

Ricktor Ravensbrück


Laurent Le Baut


Former Members/Guests

Mike Robinson


Danny Lohner

guitars/vocals (ex-Angkor Wat, ex-Nine Inch Nails)

Clay Campbell


Bobby Gustafson

guitars (ex-Cycle Sluts From Hell, ex-Overkill, ex-Response Negative, ex-Vio-lence)

Steve Green

guitars (ex-Re:Ignition, Skinlab)

Jason Lindgren


William Ables


Mike Peoples


Brandon Workman


Robb Lampmann




Chris Ault


Jim Vollentine


Mark Dufour


Chadwick Davis


Chris Istas


David Baxter



Burning In Water Drowning In Flames  
1992 Metal Blade
  1. Orifice
  2. Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame
  3. Cold Angel Press
  4. Charlemagne
  5. Gemini
  6. Inderstructible
  7. Feast
  8. Once Alive
  9. Symphany for the Devil
  10. Poisonous
  11. Prey Flesh
  • Adam Grossman
  • Mike Robinson
  • Danny Lohner
  • Mike Peoples
  • Chris Ault
  • Mark Dufour

1994 Metal Blade
  1. In Tongues
  2. Seeded
  3. Picasso Trigger
  4. Albatross
  5. Jesus Skrew Superstar
  6. Skrew Saves
  7. Season For Whither
  8. Sour
  9. Mouthfull Of Dust
  10. Godsdog
  • Adam Grossman
  • Danny Lohner
  • Clay Campbell
  • Brandon Workman
  • Jim Vollentine
  • Mark Dufour

Shadow Of Doubt  
1996 Metal Blade
  1. She Said
  2. Black Eye
  3. Knotted Twig
  4. Head
  5. Swallow
  6. Sam I Am
  7. Going Down
  8. Going Down
  9. Generator
  10. Dark Ride
  11. Crawl
  • Adam Grossman
  • Bobby Gustafson
  • Robb Lampmann
  • Jim Vollentine
  • Chadwick Davis

Angel Seed XXIII  
1997 Metal Blade
  1. Open Up
  2. Sea Man
  3. Seventh Eye
  4. King of the Hole
  5. Porcelain
  6. Kosmo's Seed
  7. Sputnik
  8. Angel Suck
  9. Horsey (Man)
  10. Slip
  • Adam Grossman
  • Jason Lindgren
  • Frap
  • Jim Vollentine
  • Chris Istas

Universal Immolation  
2004 independent
  1. Rise
  2. Blind Deaf and Dumb
  3. Empires
  4. Nazarene Lash
  5. Hijack
  6. Chaos Reigning
  7. Universal Immolation
  8. The Lie
  9. Omega
  • Hunter Townsend
  • Adam Grossman
  • William Ables
  • Laurent Le Baut
  • David Baxter

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