Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: July 26, 2015


Fighting For The Earth, the 1985 debut album by this LA band, is regarded in some circles as a minor classic, the sort of album that falls just short of major success but garners critical and fan appreciation. Decidedly more hard rock than metal, it's nevertheless a worthy find for those into anthemic hard rock. Formed in 1983 by guitarist Joe Floyd and vocalist Perry McCarty, Warrior didn't survive long after the album's release and disbanded, with Floyd moving into the production role for some time. After almost a decade, Floyd re-united with McCarty and, armed with a new lineup, released Ancient Future, which compared to the debut hardly misses a beat, very much retaining the Warrior spirit and style. A third album, The Code Of Life, with well-known vocalist Rob Rock at the mic, was released three years later, and in 2004 another interesting vocal choice, Krokus' Marc Storace, was drafted for the band's fourth album, The Wars Of Gods And Men. Since then there have been no new recordings, but the band continues to play live and (armed with still another new vocalist) may yet record again.

Current Members

Sean Peck

vocals (Cage, Death Dealer, ex-Denner/Shermann, ex-The Three Tremors)

Joe Floyd


A.C. Alexander


Dave Ducey


Former Members/Guests

Perry McCarty


Rob Rock

vocals (Impellitteri, ex-M.A.R.S., ex-Axel Rudi Pell)

Marc Storace

vocals (Krokus)

Tommy Asakawa


Mick Perez


Rick Bennett




Simon Oliver

bass (ex-Uncle Slam)

Rob Farr

bass RIP: May 9, 2021, died in his sleep, age 58

Liam Jason

drums (ex-Rhino Bucket)


Fighting For The Earth  
1985 MCA
  1. Fighting For The Earth
  2. Day Of The Evil (Beware)
  3. Defenders Of Creation
  4. Cold Fire
  5. Mind Over Matter
  6. Only The Strong Survive
  7. Ruler
  8. Tonight We Ride
  9. Welcome Aboard
  • Perry McCarty
  • Joe Floyd
  • Tommy Asakawa
  • Rick Bennett
  • Liam Jason

Ancient Future  
1998 Metal Blade
  1. Fight or Fall
  2. Pray
  3. Who Sane?
  4. Learn to Love
  5. Tonight We Ride
  6. Power
  7. White Mansions
  8. The Rush
  9. Tear It Down
  10. Ancient Future
  • Perry McCarty
  • Joe Floyd
  • Mick Perez
  • Sam
  • Dave Ducey

The Code Of Life  
2001 Nuclear Blast
  1. Day of Reckoning
  2. Kill the Machine
  3. Standing
  4. We Are One
  5. Open Your Eyes
  6. Pantheon
  7. Code of Life
  8. Soul Surviver
  9. The Endless Beginning
  10. The Fools' Theme
  11. Insignifcance
  12. Retribution
  • Rob Rock
  • Joe Floyd
  • Mick Perez
  • Simon Oliver
  • Dave Ducey

The Wars Of Gods And Men  
2004 Reality
  1. The Wars Of Gods & Men
  2. Do It Now
  3. Never Live Your Life Again
  4. Salvation
  5. 3 AM Eternal
  6. Mars
  7. Unseen Forces
  8. Hypocrite
  9. Naked Aggression
  10. Love Above All
  • Marc Storace
  • Joe Floyd
  • Mick Perez
  • Rob Farr
  • Dave Ducey

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