Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: October 18, 2015
Last update/review: November 5, 2017

Act Of Defiance

Act Of Defiance came together soon after the departures of guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover from Megadeth, the pair quickly recruiting a singer and vocalist and in short order released Birth And The Burial in August of 2015. Whether Broderick and Drover left Megadeth for personal or professional reasons or both, it seems to have liberated and invigorated them a bit, as while Birth isn't too far removed from prime Megadeth, it's a bit more punchy and in-your-face, leaning more towards contemporary aggressive metal rather than traditional thrash, with the the slightly metalcore-ish vocals from Henry Derek Bonner furthering the modern feel.

Current Members

Henry Derek Bonner

vocals (ex-Lilitu, ex-Scar The Martyr)

Chris Broderick

guitars (In Flames, ex-Jag Panzer, ex-Megadeth)

Matthew Bachand

bass (Shadows Fall)

Shawn Drover

drums (ex-Eidolon, ex-Megadeth, Withering Scorn)


Birth And The Burial  
2015 Metal Blade
  1. Throwback
  2. Legion Of Lies
  3. Thy Lord Belial
  4. Refrain And Re-Fracture
  5. Dead Stare
  6. Disastrophe
  7. Poison Dreams
  • Henry Derek Bonner
  • Chris Broderick
  • Matthew Bachand
  • Shawn Drover

Old Scars, New Wounds  
2017 Metal Blade
  1. M.I.A.
  2. Molten Core
  3. Overexposure
  4. The Talisman
  5. Lullaby of Vengeance
  6. Circle of Ashes
  7. Reborn
  8. Conspiracy of the Gods
  9. Another Killing Spree
  10. Broken Dialect
  11. Rise of Rebellion
  • Henry Derek Bonner
  • Chris Broderick
  • Matthew Bachand
  • Shawn Drover

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