Origin: International  
Genres: Hard Rock, Traditional Metal
Page online: December 30, 2015
Last update/review: February 26, 2020


Aktor is another project lead by one Chris Black, a prolific metal musician from Chicago who's got his hand in several bands (he leads Superchrist, plays in Pharaoh, and two other bands of his, Dawnbringer and High Spirits should find their way to these pages at some point). Here he's teamed up with two Finns and the result is the quite odd and intriguing Paranoia, an album rooted in 70's hard rock/metal. Often this album screams 80's, but not 80's metal, just the Eighties (BNR fave "The Mover" comes across as an early Devo track with a metal edge). Perhaps it's synthesizers (which don't dominate every song, but do make their presence felt) that bring that cherished decade to mind. It's the oddest thing, and in this age of harsh vocals and anti-melody, a strange but refreshing change of pace.

Current Members

Chris Black

vocals (ex-Dawnbringer, High Spirits, ex-Nachtmystium, Pharaoh, Superchrist)

Jussi Lehtisalo

guitars/bass (Circle)

Tomi Leppänen

drums (Circle)


2015 High Roller
  1. Devil and Doctor
  2. Gone Again
  3. Stop Fooling Around
  4. Too Young to Die
  5. Six Silver Suns
  6. I Was the Son of God
  7. Something Nasty
  8. Where Is Home
  9. Never Ending No
  10. The Mover
  • Chris Black
  • Jussi Lehtisalo
  • Tomi Leppänen

2020 Full Contact
  1. Bad Mirror
  2. Washed Away
  3. Save You from Me
  4. Astronaut
  5. You and Me
  6. The Ghost of Time
  7. Get Me Outta Here
  8. Seeing Rocks in the Sky
  9. Clean Machine
  • Chris Black
  • Jussi Lehtisalo
  • Tomi Leppänen

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