Origin: Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: November 10, 2001

Annon Vin

Annon Vin was an obscure technical/progressive metal trio out of Germany. Co-produced by Ralph Hubert (mastermind of Mekong Delta), and released on Hubert's Zardoz label, A New Gate is an intriguing blend of quirky guitarwork (in places very reminiscent of Voivod circa Nothingface) and vocal harmonies straight from the Styx (or, better yet, Yes) world. A solid display of musicianship and songwriting here, this should appeal to progressive/technical metal fans. Information on the band is very hard to come by -- other than the CD itself, I know nothing else about them.

Last Lineup

Tom Brenneis


Erik Grosch


Use Ruppel



A New Gate  
1996 Zardoz
  1. White, Red- Not Rotten Yet
  2. Today's Heroes
  3. Remind The Differences
  4. One Word
  5. Somewhere In Life: I) Reality, II) Wishes, III) Love
  6. A Spark, A Drop And The Universe
  7. Higher Spheres
  8. Invisible Scars
  9. Mister Roboto
  • Tom Brenneis
  • Erik Grosch
  • Use Ruppel

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