Progressive Metal

Adagio Devin Townsend Project Lethargy Savatage
Adramelch Digital Ruin Leviathan Scale The Summit
Aftermath Direwolf The Levitation Hex Scholomance
Age Of Silence Disillusion Linear Sphere Sea Of Dreams
Aghora Divercia Liquid Tension Experiment Secrecy
Alarum Donor Loch Vostok Secret Sphere
Alchemist Dramatica Lör Serenity
Alchemy X Dream Theater Lord Bane Shadow Gallery
Alkemyst Dynahead Lost Century Shaolin Death Squad
All Too Human Dysrhythmia Madsword Sieges Even
Alogia Earth Electric Magnus Sinphonia
Anacrusis Earthside Manitou Soen
Andromeda Edwin Dare Manitou Sons Of Apollo
Angra Electro Quarterstaff Wicked Maraya Sore Plexus
Angtoria Elegy Martyr Spastic Ink
Animals As Leaders End Amen Mastermind Spectral Incursion
Annon Vin Engine Mastodon Spheric Universe Experience
Anubis Gate Ephel Duath Mayadome Spiral Architect
Aquilus Ephemeral Sun Mechanical Poet Spiral Tower
AraPacis Escapethecult Megace Squalus
Arch/Matheos Event Mekong Delta Stormental
Archetype Evergrey Menace Subterranean Masquerade
Archspire Exivious Mercury Rising Sun Caged
Ark Farmakon Misanthrope Sunburst
Artension Fates Warning Moon Tooth Superior
Atomic Rooster Fifth Season Moonloop Symbyosis
Atrox Forte Mystic-Force Symphony X
Attention Deficit Foscor Ne Obliviscaris Synaptik
Auvernia Fountain Of Tears New Keepers Of The Water Towers Syrinx
Ayreon Fractal Universe Nightingale Tad Morose
Baroness Frantic Bleep Nueairea Tal Dorgar
Behold The Arctopus Freak Kitchen Oceans Of Slumber Taramis
The Beyond Fury N Grace The Odious TesseracT
Beyond Twilight Futures End Open The Nile Textures
The Biscuit Merchant Galactic Cowboys Operation: Mindcrime Theory In Practice
Black Jester Garden Wall Opeth Third Ion
Blotted Science Ghost Ship Octavius Opposite Earth The Thirteenth Sun
Braindance Giant Squid Orakle Thought Industry
Cain's Offering Golgotha O.S.I. Threshold
Calhoun Conquer Gordian Knot Osiris Tiles
Caligula's Horse Gracepoint Outworld To-Mera
Canvas Solaris Grayceon Pagan's Mind Tragedy Divine
Catharsis Gwynbleidd Pain Of Salvation Tranzat
Cea Serin Hail Spirit Noir Parish Treasure Land
Circus Maximus Haken Periphery Twisted Into Form
Communic Heads Or Tales Planet X Unleashed Power
Conquering Dystopia Heir Apparent Platitude Vanden Plas
Continuo Renacer Hex Pomegranate Tiger Vauxdvihl
Control Denied Hieronymus Bosch Poverty's No Crime Veni Domine
Cosmics Hollow Haze Power Of Omens Vertigo Steps
Crimson Glory House Of Spirits Protest The Hero Vildhjarta
Cryptic Shift ICS Vortex Psychotic Waltz Voivod
Cynic Imperium Pyramaze Voyager
Cynthesis Inner Strength Pyramid Vuur
Damn The Machine Ion Vein Queensryche Warmen
Darkstar Jester's March The Quiet Room Watchtower
Deadsoul Tribe Kamelot Reading Zero White Stones
Death Machine Kinetic Dissent Realm Wilderun
Deconstructing Sequence Kong Red Tide Winds
Defyance Kontinuum Redemption Witherfall
Degree Absolute Kylesa Renaissance Witherscape
Delian League Labyrinth ReVamp Wolverine
Depressive Age Leprous Riverside Xenoblight
Devin Townsend Band Lethal Rush Zero Hour

Active bands are in bold.

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