Origin: Houston, Texas, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Outworld (the band taking their name from Mortal Kombat) was formed by Rusty Cooley and Bobby Williamson, who first came together when Williamson contributed to Cooley's solo album and the pair decided to continue working together in a band. Outworld draws from a number of genres, and might best be described as a mix of power, speed, neo-classical and progressive metal. Cooley's guitar work is beyond impressive -- the guy is all over the place, with some truly stupendous solos though he doesn't overshadow the rest of the band, as Williamson in particular shines on his own and the rhythm section guys are no slouches either. Vocalist Kelly Carpenter is one of those higher-pitched vocalists that sometimes divide fans -- he's certainly not afraid to let loose, and at his best he resembles Nevermore's Warrel Dane when he goes for the higher screams, though at times he's just a bit much. This is a fairly busy album, chock full of riffs and solos, and by being heavier than most prog bands and flashier than most conventional metal bands, they could have established a niche for themselves. Unfortunately they only managed a demo a couple of years later before disbanding in 2009.

Last Lineup

Rusty Cooley


Shawn Kascak

bass (ex-Cauldron Born)

Matt McKenna


Former Members/Guests

Kelly Carpenter

vocals (Adagio, ex-Beyond Twilight, Civil War)

Bobby Williamson


Mikey Lewis



2006 Replica
  1. Raise Hell
  2. Riders
  3. Warcry
  4. Outworld
  5. The Never
  6. City Of The Dead
  7. Prelude To Madness
  8. The Grey Tide
  9. I Thanatos
  10. Polar (bonus track Japan)
  • Kelly Carpenter
  • Rusty Cooley
  • Shawn Kascak
  • Bobby Williamson
  • Mikey Lewis

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