Origin: Varese, Italy  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: August 6, 2015
Last update/review: August 6, 2015

Fury N Grace

This Italian band looks to be somewhat of a sister act to DoomSword, as several members both past and present overlap the two bands. They debuted in 2007 with Tales Of The Grotesque and The Arabesque, and followed that up four years later with Diabolism Of Conversation -- with album titles like that, you know you're in for an adventurous listen. In broad terms these guys probably best slot as a progressive metal band, but this is no Dream Theater clone. Diabolism is complex and diverse, rather dark in tone, with some nods to DoomSword as well as several fleeting moments of Opeth riffage and experimentation, and still other times moving in a more traditional metal direction. The vocals are interesting, more doomy in nature and often not the center of attention, but they work well within the context of the songs. This is quite an original band and highly recommended for the more adventurous listener.

Current Members

Franco Campanella


Matteo Carnio


Christian Grillo

bass (DoomSword)

Wrathlord (Emiliano Bertossi)

drums (DoomSword)

Former Members/Guests

Gabriele Grilli

vocals/keyboards (ex-DoomSword)


vocals (DoomSword)


Tales Of The Grotesque And The Arabesque  
2007 Dragonheart
  1. Grotesque & Arabesque: Tales of the Grotesque and the Arabesque
  2. Grotesque & Arabesque: Coma
  3. Grotesque & Arabesque: The Imp of the Perverse
  4. Uncanny Midnights of the Bride
  5. Burning Cathedrals
  6. Black Art
  7. The Buried
  8. Maldoror
  • Gabriele Grilli
  • Matteo Carnio
  • Christian Grillo
  • Wrathlord

Diabolism Of Conversation  
2011 Underground Symphony
  1. Macabro
  2. Diabolism of Conversation
  3. Privilege of Death
  4. In Midnight Gardens Burns the Veil of Evening Fears
  5. The Serpent
  6. The Serpent: a Mistery Planned Within me by the sea
  7. Of Human Details
  8. Architecture
  9. The Darkening of a Violet Plumage
  10. Paraphernalia of the Mystic Meat
  11. Gavotte for the Ghosts in the Oven
  • Deathmaster
  • Matteo Carnio
  • Christian Grillo
  • Wrathlord

A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe  
2016 Underground Symphony
  1. Grand Guignol (It Takes Tragic Hearts to Believe in Tragic Monsters)
  2. The Ossuary
  3. Night of the Mandibles
  4. Ultima Weapon
  5. A Dream-Letter to the Witches of Western Europe
  6. Dark Companions (To Ramsay Campbell)
  7. Nuove frontiere del delitto
  8. Gloria in Excelsis Baphometo
  9. The Effects of Blackness Moderated
  10. The Secrecy of Small Creatures with Six Legs
  • Franco Campanella
  • Matteo Carnio
  • Christian Grillo
  • Wrathlord

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