Origin: Italy
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Underground Symphony

Band Album Year
Cauldron Born Born Of The Cauldron 1997
Cauldron Born God Of Metal 1998
Cauldron Born ... And Rome Shall Fall 2002
DoomSword DoomSword 1999
Fury N Grace Diabolism Of Conversation 2011
Fury N Grace A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe 2016
Intense Second Sight 2004
Madsword Evolution 1996
Madsword The Global Village 2000
Power Quest Wings Of Forever 2002
Sabaton Fist For Fight 2001
Trinakrius Sancta Inquisitio 2006
White Skull I Won't Burn Alone 1995
White Skull Embittered 1997
White Skull Asgard 1999
World Below Sacrifices To The Moon 2004

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