Origin: Italy  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: June 8, 2004
Last update/review: June 8, 2004


The Italian Madsword managed two releases in their career, debuting with an EP, Evolution, in 1996, followed by their only full-length album The Global Village in 2000. Musically, Madsword fits squarely in the modern progressive metal field, with their style in the Dream Theater or recent Fates Warning mold, with the requisite excellent vocals and musicianship, and a reasonably adventurous songwriting style. For prog metal fans, this band is a must. They broke up in 2001.

Last Lineup

Andrea Bedin


Gianni Guerra


Simon Rosani


Lorenzo Castellarin


Walter Pod


Former Members/Guests

Dante Zanelli



Evolution  EP
1996 Underground Symphony
  1. Tsushima
  2. Evolution
  3. Through The Sky
  4. Digital Trick
  5. The Ytse Jam
  • Dante Zanelli
  • Gianni Guerra
  • Simon Rosani
  • Walter Pod

The Global Village  
2000 Underground Symphony
  1. Connect
  2. Time In The Ice
  3. How Much Progress
  4. Darknened Rooms
  5. Living Hexadecimal
  6. Mind's Bug
  7. Travelling Through A Wire
  8. Behind The Consciousness Of Memory
  9. A New Beginning?
  • Andrea Bedin
  • Gianni Guerra
  • Simon Rosani
  • Lorenzo Castellarin
  • Walter Pod

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