Origin: Melbourne, Australia  
Genres: Black Metal, Progressive Metal
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Page online: June 8, 2023
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Griseus, the debut album by the Australian outfit Aquilus, was released independently in 2011 to (if memory serves) very little fanfare. Yet the album has maintained an underground cult fanaticism, and the praises sung are warranted, as Griseus is a lush blending of black metal and classical music with a folk flair, with sweeping compositions yet never overly busy or complex. And the topper is that Aquilus is but a single member, the man going by the pseudonym Waldorf composing and playing everything. It's really quite remarkable, and anyone looking for a successful integration of classical styles in extreme metal (a true fusing, not a ham-fisted inclusion of some strings in an otherwise standard metal form) should definitely seek out Griseus. A decade later, Waldorf released a followup in Bellum I.

Current Members

Waldorf (Horace Rosenqvist)

vocals/all instruments


Arbor  EP
2007 independent
  1. Unveil
  2. Harrowing Duskfall
  3. As Late Shadows Skulk
  • Waldorf

2011 independent
  1. Nihil
  2. Loss
  3. Smokefall
  4. In Lands of Ashes
  5. Latent Thistle
  6. Arboreal Sleep
  7. The Fawn
  8. Night Bell
  • Waldorf

Bellum I  
2021 Blood Music
  1. The Night Winds of Avila
  2. Into Wooded Hollows
  3. Eternal Unrest
  4. Moon Isabelline
  5. The Silent Passing
  6. Embered Waters
  7. Lucille's Gate
  8. Empyreal Nightsky
  • Waldorf

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