Origin: Moscow, Russia  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: December 20, 2007
Last update/review: November 18, 2008

Mechanical Poet

Mechanical Poet is an ambitious Russian band, formed around 2002. After the well-received Woodland Prattlers was released in 2004, the band broke up, citing artistic differences. Guitarist Lex Plotnikoff put together a new version of the band, with the first output being the interestingly-titled Creepy Tales For Freaky Children in early 2007. Creepy Tales mix hard rock, melodic progressive metal, and even a bit of goth rock, resulting in an accessible but not overtly poppy sound (save for "Once Upon A Day", where a lighter, poppier side of the band comes out). This seems to be a concept album of sorts, given the Tim Burton-esque artwork and the general soundtrack feel of the album as a whole. Apparently part of the story is continued in the band's next work, the even more adventurous Who Did It To Michelle Waters?. This is a pretty original band, and recommended to melodic prog metal fans in particular.

Current Members

Vladimir Nasonoff


Lex Plotnikoff


Serge Khlebnikoff


Vladimir Ermakoff


Former Members/Guests

Max Samosvat


Jerry Lenin


Daniel Zacharenkov (guest)


Tom Tokmakoff



Handmade Essence  EP
  1. Handmade Essence
  2. Frozen Nile
  3. Hermetical Orchard
  4. Clue Of A Scarecrow
  5. Clockwork Shrimps
  6. Waltzing Skip-Jack
  • Max Samosvat
  • Lex Plotnikoff
  • Tom Tokmakoff

Woodland Prattlers  
  1. Main Titles
  2. Stormchild
  3. Bogie In The Coal-Hole
  4. Echoes Of Earthfolk
  5. Strayed Moppet
  6. Waving Crowns
  7. Mossy Pathways
  8. Wild Lilly Lake
  9. Liquid Stones
  10. Old Year"s Merry Funeral
  11. Moon Juice
  12. Shades On A Casement
  13. Swamp-Stamp-Polka
  14. End Credits
  • Max Samosvat
  • Lex Plotnikoff
  • Tom Tokmakoff

Creepy Tales For Freaky Children  
  1. Welcome To Creepy Tales
  2. Urban Dreams
  3. Bubble Bath
  4. Spikyhead + Miremaid
  5. Vesperghosts Of Milford Playhouse
  6. A Rose For Michelle
  7. Dolly
  8. Lamplighter
  9. The Afterguide
  10. Aztec Zombies
  11. The Dead, The Living And The City
  12. Hide And Seek With Cary Nage
  13. Once Upon A Day
  14. The Dead, The Living And The City (Russian Version) (Russian Edition Bonus Track)
  15. The Afterguide (Russian Version) (Russian Edition Bonus Track)
  16. Vesperghosts Of Milford Playhouse (Russian Version) (Russian Edition Bonus Track)
  • Jerry Lenin
  • Lex Plotnikoff
  • Serge Khlebnikoff
  • Vladimir Ermakoff

Who Did It To Michelle Waters?  
  1. "Who Did It?"
  2. Nice Place For A Sad Story
  3. Snow White
  4. Red Road In Purple Haze
  5. "Your Hate Is Like A Poison Apple"
  6. Bubble Bath
  7. Pit Muses Have No Pity
  8. A Rose For Michelle
  9. "You're Gone With My Heart"
  10. The Afterguide
  11. Sonny On His Way
  12. "Someday We'll Meet...I Hope"
  13. Strayed Moppet (Live @ CT4FC Presentation)
  14. The Opening
  15. When Love Comes
  16. Kisses In The Rain
  17. The Ball
  18. Stealing The Car / The Night Ride
  19. Life's Not Fair(ytale)
  20. Yellow Roses
  21. The Long Long Way
  22. Someday We'll Meet...I Hope
  23. A Letter From iMP
  • Jerry Lenin
  • Lex Plotnikoff
  • Daniel Zacharenkov
  • Vladimir Ermakoff

Eidotline - The Arrakeen Code  
2008 CD Maximum
  1. Virus
  2. Fantasies
  3. Crawlers
  4. Rain
  5. Fremen
  6. Frontline
  7. Answers
  8. Ghouls
  9. God
  10. Cathedral
  11. Machines
  12. Witches
  13. Sands
  14. Stars
  • Vladimir Nasonoff
  • Lex Plotnikoff
  • Vladimir Ermakoff

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