Origin: Brasilia, Brazil  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: June 18, 2011
Last update/review: March 30, 2013


Seemingly out of nowhere comes this Brazilian band with a rather enigmatic name. They've debuted with a self-released 2008 effort in Antigen, and it's really quite impressive, featuring a stellar production and crisp songwriting. The band can be loosely based in the progressive camp, though they are heavier than most in that genre. There are clear nods to the more recent Scandinavian scene, though melodic death metal this is not, as the progressive influences make this a far more diverse listen. The vocals are a wonder -- there are both clean and harsh styles, but not in the annoying harsh-verse-clean-chorus style that many modern singers employ, but rather a fine, clean singing style augmented by forceful growls at the right time. No one band or even genre comes to mind as a direct comparison, a testament to their originality and dedication to quality. This is modern, progressive-tinged heavy metal done right -- kudos to the band for an excellent debut album.

Current Members

Caio Duarte


Diogo Mafra


Pablo Vilela


Diego Teixeira


Former Members/Guests

Rafael Dantas



2008 self-released
  1. Clockwork I
  2. Layers of Days
  3. Virtual Twin
  4. Tactile Haven
  5. Join and Surrender
  6. Bloodish Eyes
  7. Depart Now
  8. Do you Feel Cleansed?
  9. Vorsicht!
  10. The Starry Messenger
  • Caio Duarte
  • Diogo Mafra
  • Pablo Vilela
  • Diego Teixeira
  • Rafael Dantas

  1. Ylem
  2. Eventide
  3. Inception
  4. Unripe One
  5. Confinement in Black
  6. Circles
  7. My Replicator
  8. Repentance Hour
  9. Way Down Memory Lane
  10. Redemption
  11. Onset
  • Caio Duarte
  • Diogo Mafra
  • Pablo Vilela
  • Diego Teixeira
  • Rafael Dantas

Chordata I  
  1. Abiogenesis
  2. Bred Patterns
  3. Collective Skin
  4. Dawn Mirrored in Me
  5. Echoes of the Waves
  6. Foster
  7. Growing in Veins
  8. Hallowed Engine
  9. Inevitable
  • Caio Duarte
  • Diogo Mafra
  • Pablo Vilela
  • Diego Teixeira

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