Origin: Pleasanton, California, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Instrumental
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Last update/review: January 17, 2017

Death Machine

Death Machine was the sister band of Zero Hour, the two bands sharing the core of brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton (guitar and bass, respectively) and drummer Mike Guy. Unlike a lot of side/secondary bands that sound exactly like the more well-known group, Death Machine wasn't really about progressive metal at all, though there was considerable musicianship on display. Rather, the style here was a darker, far heavier style, with plenty of crunchy, staccato riffs along the lines of a Fear Factory. A few interesting electronic effects gave a slight industrial flavor, heightening the Fear Factory comparison, though these guys were bit more technically minded and the Zero Hour progressive roots did show at times, differentiating them from others in this field. Vocalist Kirk had a harsh roar, yet never seemed to quite lapse into monotonous metalcore shouting or untelligible death metal growls, even though his style had a bit of both. Both Death Machine and Zero Hour existed in tandem for some time, but both have been discontinued.

Last Lineup



Thrak (Jasun Tipton)

guitars (Cynthesis, ex-Zero Hour)

Devin (Troy Tipton)

bass (Cynthesis, ex-Zero Hour)


electronics (ex-Flames)

Mike Guy

drums (ex-Zero Hour)


Death Machine  
2003 Sensory
  1. Loss for Words
  2. Separate
  3. Tangled Root
  4. Last Breath
  5. Mere Reflection
  6. Schmeg
  7. Inflicting
  8. Believing
  9. Genocide
  10. Cycle of Conscience
  11. Dead
  • Kirk
  • Thrak
  • Devin
  • Elias
  • Mike Guy

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