Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: September 23, 2020


Redemption is a project led by one Nick Van Dyk, a relative unknown in the metal field up to now. He recruited an all-star lineup of prog/power metallists, including former Steel Prophet vocalist Rick Mythiasin, Symphony X drummer Jason Rullo, and Fates Warning guiltarist Bernie Versailles for his new band, debuting in 2003 with a self-titled effort. Two years later a different cast of characters joined up, notably including Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder, and this version has largely remained stable over the years. This band oozes class, striking the perfect balance between melodic progressive metal and dark power metal, with songs that have identity and mood in all the right places, and with the flawless execution and high degree of musicianship that this style demands. Not many bands attempt 25-minute epics, and fewer succeed, but "Something Wicked This Way Comes" from the debut, based on a Ray Bradbury novel, is outstanding, never failing to keep the listener's interest as it progresses from one section to the next. Great stuff.

Current Members

Tom Englund

vocals (Evergrey)

Nick Van Dyk


Bernie Versailles

guitars (ex-Agent Steel, ex-Engine, guest for Fates Warning, Masters Of Metal)

Sean Andrews


Vikram Skankar


Crhis Quirarte


Former Members/Guests

Rick Mythiasin

vocals (ex-New Eden, ex-Steel Prophet, ex-Taraxacum)

Ray Alder

vocals (ex-Engine, Fates Warning)

James Sherwood


Greg Hosharian


Jason Rullo

drums (Symphony X)


2003 Sensory
  1. Desperation Part I
  2. Desperation Part II
  3. Desperation Part III
  4. Desperation Part IV
  5. Nocturnal
  6. Window to Space
  7. As I Lay Dying
  8. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Rick Mythiasin
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Jason Rullo

The Fullness Of Time  
2005 Sensory
  1. Threads
  2. Parker's Eyes
  3. Scarred
  4. Sapphire
  5. The Fullness of Time - Rage
  6. The Fullness of Time - Despair
  7. The Fullness of Time - Release
  8. The Fullness of Time - Transcendence
  • Ray Alder
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Bernie Versailles
  • James Sherwood
  • Crhis Quirarte
2005 Readers' Album #50

The Origins Of Ruin  
2007 Sensory
  1. The Suffocating Silence
  2. Bleed Me Dry
  3. The Death of Faith & Reason
  4. Memory
  5. The Origins of Ruin
  6. Man of Glass
  7. Blind My Eyes
  8. Used to Be
  9. Fall on You
  10. Precious Things
  11. Love To Love
  • Ray Alder
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Sean Andrews
  • Crhis Quirarte

Frozen In The Moment: Live In Atlanta  VIDEO
2009 Inside Out

Snowfall On Judgment Day  
2009 Inside Out
  1. Peel
  2. Walls
  3. Leviathan Rising
  4. Black and White World
  5. Unformed
  6. Keep Breathing
  7. Another Day Dies
  8. What Will You Say
  9. Fistful of Sand
  10. Love Kills Us All / Life in One Day
  • Ray Alder
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Sean Andrews
  • Greg Hosharian
  • Crhis Quirarte
2009 Readers' Album #83

This Mortal Coil  
2011 Inside Out
  1. Path of the Whirlwind
  2. Blink of An Eye
  3. No Tickets to the Funeral
  4. Dreams From the Pit
  5. Noonday Devil
  6. Let It Rain
  7. Focus
  8. Perfect
  9. Begin Again
  10. Stronger Than Death
  11. Departure of the Pale Horse
  • Ray Alder
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Sean Andrews
  • Crhis Quirarte
2011 Readers' Album #68

Live From The Pit  LIVE
2014 Sensory
  1. Intro/Threads
  2. The Suffocating Silence
  3. Dreams From The Pit
  4. Parker's Eyes
  5. Fall On You
  6. Noonday Devil
  7. Nocturnal
  8. Stronger Than Death
  9. The Origins Of Ruin
  10. Black And White World
  11. The Death Of Faith And Reason
  12. Walls
  • Ray Alder
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Bernie Versailles
  • Sean Andrews
  • Greg Hosharian
  • Crhis Quirarte

The Art Of Loss  
2016 Metal Blade
  1. The Art of Loss
  2. Slouching Towards Bethlehem
  3. Damaged
  4. Hope Dies Last
  5. That Golden Light
  6. Thirty Silver
  7. The Center of the Fire
  8. Love Reign o'er Me
  9. At Day's End
  • Ray Alder
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Sean Andrews
  • Greg Hosharian
  • Crhis Quirarte

Long Night's Journey Into Day  
2018 Metal Blade
  1. Eyes You Dare Not Meet in Dreams
  2. Someone Else's Problem
  3. The Echo Chamber
  4. Impermanent
  5. Indulge in Color
  6. Little Men
  7. And Yet
  8. The Last of Me
  9. New Year's Day (U2 cover)
  10. Long Night's Journey into Day
  11. Noonday Devil
  12. Someone Else's Problem (radio edit)
  • Tom Englund
  • Nick Van Dyk
  • Sean Andrews
  • Vikram Skankar
  • Crhis Quirarte

Alive In Color  LIVE
2020 AFM
  1. Intro / Noonday Devil
  2. The Suffocating Silence
  3. The Echo Chamber
  4. Damaged
  5. Someone Else’s Problem
  6. Little Men
  7. Long Night’s Journey into Day
  8. Threads
  9. Black & White World
  10. Indulge in Color
  11. Peace Sells
  12. Walls
  13. Threads
  14. Indulge in Color

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