Origin: Australia  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: February 16, 2002


Taramis is a somewhat obscure Australian group, whose debut album Queen Of Thieves has a slightly progressive feel but is otherwise straightforward metal, not bad for it's time. Metal Blade apparently saw something in the band, and licensed the album in the US. A few years later, the band resurfaced with a new lineup and album. In general there is more of a progressive feel, and also more of a thrash sound -- Stretch Of The Imagination might remind one of Realm, or perhaps a tamer version of Watchtower. The band broke up in 1994, played a reunion gig in late 1998 (leading to some rumors of a permanent reformation and/or new recordings), and is now permanently disbanded.

Last Lineup

Shane Southby


George Larin


Evan Harris

bass (Black Majesty)

Dave Browne


Former Members/Guests

Craig Robertson


Danny Komorr



Queen Of Thieves  
1988 Mtl/Melbourne
  1. Lord of the Blackflies
  2. Doesn't seem
  3. The Chosen
  4. Path to Aquilonia
  5. Queen of Thieves
  6. Without a Warning
  7. Wolves
  8. My Life
  • Shane Southby
  • Craig Robertson
  • Danny Komorr
  • Dave Browne

Stretch Of The Imagination  
1991 Mtl/Melbourne
  1. Dreaming
  2. Diceman
  3. Maze Of Glory
  4. Another Tomorrow
  5. Behind These Eyes
  6. Jigaboo Boogie
  7. Lonely Star
  8. Delayed Reaction
  • Shane Southby
  • George Larin
  • Evan Harris
  • Dave Browne

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