Origin: New Haven, Connecticut, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: October 15, 2016
Last update/review: October 15, 2016


Late 2015 witnessed the rather unheralded release of the debut album by this Connecticut band, and it has rightfully taken the prog metal world by storm, as A Dream In Static is rightfully considered one of the top prog metal albums of the year. The album is half instrumental, with four of the songs containing no vocals and the other four featuring some impressive guest singers, notably Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust and Bjorn Strid of Soilwork (neither song that these guys appear on sound anything like their main bands). The band manages to tick every prog metal checkbox perfectly -- technical prowess without overt wankery, lengthy epics that ebb and flow and never bore, grandiose songwriting that never goes over the top, and a flawlessly crisp and clear production. And the guys managed to do this all without the backing of a record label. A Dream In Static is a stunning debut album, and an absolutely essential addition to a prog metal fan's collection.

Current Members

Jamie Van Dyck


Ryan Griffin


Frank Sacramone


Ben Shambrom



A Dream In Static  
2015 independent
  • Jamie Van Dyck
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Frank Sacramone
  • Ben Shambrom

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