Origin: Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: September 26, 2007

Depressive Age

An intriguing group, Depressive Age could be loosely categorized as a progressive thrash group, though they certainly don't sound like traditional progressive metal bands nor are they really a thrash band, except on occasion. A pretty unique and original sound here, especially on Electric Scum, their last full-length album. They later shortened their name to D-Age (hence the title of their 1999 compilation album), were reported as disbanded in April of 2001, and then reunited, but apparently the band is now disbanded for good. At last report they were working on a new album (tentatively entitled New Bomb Energy), but those songs have apparently moved over to vocalist Jan Lubitzki's new band, Jan Dorn.

Last Lineup

Jan Lubitski


Jochen Klemp


Tim Schallenberg


Norbert Drescher


Former Members/Guests

Ingo Grigoleit



First Depression  
1992 GUN
  1. Awaits
  2. Beyond Illusions
  3. The Light
  4. No Risk
  5. Autumn Times
  6. Transition
  7. Innocent In Detention
  8. Never Be Blind
  9. Circles Colour Red
  • Jan Lubitski
  • Jochen Klemp
  • Ingo Grigoleit
  • Tim Schallenberg
  • Norbert Drescher

Lying In Wait  
1994 CMC
  1. Lying In Wait
  2. Where
  3. Way Out
  4. Berlin
  5. Psycho Circle Game
  6. The Story (Autumn Times II)
  7. My Wine
  8. From Out Of Future
  9. Hateful Pride
  10. Eternal Twins
  • Jan Lubitski
  • Jochen Klemp
  • Tim Schallenberg
  • Norbert Drescher

Symbols For The Blue Times  
1995 GUN
  1. Hills Of The Thrills
  2. World In Veins
  3. Garbage Canyons
  4. Hut
  5. Subway Tree
  6. Port Graveyard
  7. We Hate Happy Ends
  8. Friend Within
  9. Neptunes Roars
  10. Sorry, Mr. Pain
  11. Kotze!
  12. Rusty Cells
  13. Mother Salvation
  • Jan Lubitski
  • Jochen Klemp
  • Tim Schallenberg
  • Norbert Drescher

Electric Scum  
1996 GUN
  1. Electric Scum
  2. Cairo Crabat
  3. Remember (Je t'aime, taverne noir)
  4. Teenage Temples
  5. Small Town Boy
  6. Featherflute
  7. Toyland Hills
  8. Companero Song
  9. New Machine Wisdom
  10. Polar Athletic Son
  11. Weird Boy
  12. Sports Yells
  • Jan Lubitski
  • Jochen Klemp
  • Tim Schallenberg
  • Norbert Drescher

From Depressive Age To D-Age  COMPILATION
1999 GUN

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