Origin: Treviso, Italy  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: September 28, 2019

Black Jester

Italy has had a monopoly on neoclassical/progressive metal bands over the years, and Black Jester was one such band, with a style heavily influenced by Dream Theater and Fates Warning, with some Yngwie Malmsteen-style theatrics thrown into the mix. Clinically a fine band, though at times the keyboards gave the band too much of a poppy feel. They released three albums in the nineties and then broke up in 1999, with a couple of members moving on to a followup band called Moonlight Circus (taken from this band's second album). The last album lineup regrouped in 2012.

Current Members

Alessandro D'Este

vocals RIP: May 2, 2020

Paolo Viani

guitars (ex-Warlord)

Gil Teso


Rocco Prete


Alberto Masiero


Former Members/Guests

Nick Angel


Nico Odorico



Diary Of A Blind Angel  
1993 WMMS
  1. Night Voices
  2. The Tower And The Minstrel
  3. Diary Of A Blind Angel
  4. Time Theater
  5. King Of Eternity
  6. Black Jester Opera
  • Alessandro D'Este
  • Paolo Viani
  • Gil Teso
  • Nick Angel
  • Alberto Masiero

Welcome To The Moonlight Circus  
1994 WMMS
  1. The Labyrinth
  2. Mirrors Song
  3. The Wayfarer
  4. Glance Towards The Sky
  5. Consciousness Hymn
  6. Symphonies Of Immortal Winds
  7. Welcome To The Moonlight Circus
  • Alessandro D'Este
  • Paolo Viani
  • Gil Teso
  • Nico Odorico
  • Alberto Masiero

The Divine Comedy  
1997 Elevate
  1. Inferno
  2. Purgatorio
  3. Paradiso
  • Alessandro D'Este
  • Paolo Viani
  • Gil Teso
  • Rocco Prete
  • Alberto Masiero

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