Origin: Finland  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: May 13, 2006
Last update/review: August 10, 2009


This Finnish band debuted in 2004 with The Mad Moon Rising on the Rage Of Achilles label, an album that has since been re-issued since the label went under. Mad Moon is a nice mix of melodic progressive metal with a more traditional metal base, nothing revolutionary really but expertly performed all the same. The vocals are clear and melodic, often resembling Bruce Dickinson (leading some to name Iron Maiden as a soundalike, though musically Manitou is only occasionally in the Maiden camp), while the keyboards are sparse and are the main progressive influence (though it should be noted that the band has since dropped the keyboard player, wishing to pursue a more traditional metal direction). Two more albums were released in 2006 and 2007, before they decided to disband in August 2009.

Note: not to be confused with another Scandinavian prog metal band, Manitou.

Last Lineup

Markku Pihlaja


Markus Vanhala

guitars (Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum)

Antti Laurén


Ismo Laukkanen


Matti Suhonen


Former Members/Guests

Jukka Peräla



The Mad Moon Rising  
2004 Rage Of Achilles
  1. The Mad Moon Rising
  2. Drifting Shadows
  3. Garden of Fallen Kings
  4. Machine Mind
  5. Blind Eye Open
  6. Wish I Could Sleep
  7. The Valley of evergreen
  8. Ancestral Territories
  9. Race Of Malice
  • Markku Pihlaja
  • Markus Vanhala
  • Antti Laurén
  • Ismo Laukkanen
  • Jukka Peräla
  • Matti Suhonen

2006 Firebox
  1. And The Silence Bites
  2. Fools In Control
  3. Waste, Damnation
  4. The State Of Mind
  5. Black Burning Flame
  6. Swallowing the Dark
  7. Psychoracer
  8. Lead A Wild Ride
  9. By The Waves of Stars
  10. Black Meadow (Menace of War)
  11. Black Meadow
  • Markku Pihlaja
  • Markus Vanhala
  • Antti Laurén
  • Ismo Laukkanen
  • Matti Suhonen

No Signs Of Wisdom  
2007 Metal Heaven
  1. In This Indolence
  2. Dread of the Freaks
  3. No Signs of Wisdom
  4. The End Within
  5. Harbinger
  6. Polluted World
  7. Some of the Sins Revealed
  8. The Loon
  9. August Sky
  • Markku Pihlaja
  • Markus Vanhala
  • Antti Laurén
  • Ismo Laukkanen
  • Matti Suhonen

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