Origin: Norway  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: March 2, 2004


Manitou may ultimately be remembered for producing Norwegian bands of late, but they deserve as much recognition for the one album they put out in their abbreviated career. Entrance is an excellent technical progressive metal album, borrowing heavily from mid-period Fates Warning as well as a touch of Control And Resistance-era Watchtower, creating an outstanding first album for a group that really should have gone much farther. versa is not known, but only the one album was ever recorded. A difficult album to find, but seriously recommended to tech metal fans.

Last Lineup

Øyvind Hægeland

vocals (ex-Lunaris, ex-Scariot, ex-Spiral Architect)

Ole P. Fredriksen


Jan Schulze


Tom Eriksen


Per B. Aanonsen



1995 MTG
  1. Servants Of Greed
  2. Ache Falls Dead Calm
  3. Coven (Autumn Arrives)
  4. Ship Of Dreams
  5. The Forlorn
  6. Entrance
  7. Shadowhunt
  8. Into Plumbless Oceans
  9. Prophecy Of The Sleeper
  10. The Prediction
  11. When Silence Descends
  • Øyvind Hægeland
  • Ole P. Fredriksen
  • Jan Schulze
  • Tom Eriksen
  • Per B. Aanonsen

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