Origin: Almada, Portugal  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: January 5, 2019
Last update/review: January 5, 2019

Earth Electric

This is an odd one. The driving force here is guitarist Rune Eriksen (stage name Blasphemer), a major player in Mayhem for years as well as Aura Noir and several other bands. This project goes in a quite different direction, as the music mixes a variety of prog and metal guitar styles with dominant Hammond organs (like an ultra-heavy Deep Purple), but then over the top are ethereal soprano vocals from one Carmen Simoes, with whom Eriksen has collaborated with in yet another band, Ava Inferi. It's an incongruous pairing -- it's not that another vocalist (a classic prog metal vocal, or even a modern growler) would necessarily be better than Carmen (she has a wonderful voice), but it would be more expected. But this is more of an observation than a complaint -- Vol 1: Solar (released in 2017, and to date their only album) is a highly original album, even if not for everyone.

Current Members

Carmen Susana Simoes

vocals (ex-Ava Inferi)

Rune Eriksen

guitars/vocals (Aura Noir, ex-Ava Inferi, ex-Mayhem, ex-Mezzerschmitt)

Alexandre Ribeiro

bass (ex-Vertigo Steps)

Ricardo Martins


Former Members/Guests

Dan Knight (guest)



Vol. 1: Solar  
2017 Season Of Mist
  1. Mountains & Conquerors (Pt. 2)
  2. The Endless Road
  3. Meditate. Mediate
  4. The Great Vast...
  5. Set Sail (Towards the Sun)
  6. Solar
  7. Sabbatical Moons
  8. Earthrise
  9. Sweet Soul Gathering
  • Carmen Susana Simoes
  • Rune Eriksen
  • Alexandre Ribeiro
  • Dan Knight
  • Ricardo Martins

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