Origin: Tilburg, Netherlands  
Genres: Death Metal, Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: May 17, 2017


Arguably the Netherlands' brightest new hope in extreme metal, Textures formed around 2001, the members coming together from various Dutch bands to form a new group initially in the progressive metal mold. Eventually, though, the band turned to harder, more extreme forms of metal, but still with the prog ethos of experimentalism and tight musicianship. By 2002 a stable lineup emerged and in 2004 their debut album, Polars, was released. Meshuggah is clearly the prime influence here, with choppy, off-beat staccato riffing, odd time signatures, and Jens Kidman-inspired vocals the dominant features here. But the band isn't afraid to wander off in completely different directions either, with the minimalist ambience of "Effluent" and "Heave" and the 17+ minute title track (tackling all manners of prog metal as well the Meshuggah-isms) proving that the band isn't content to dwell on just one style. For an debut album, this is incredibly complex, mature, and professional -- Textures is already near the top of the class for inventive extreme metal. They've since recorded three more albums.

Last Lineup

Daniel de Jongh


Bart Hennephof


Joe Tal


Remko Tielemans


Uri Dijk


Stef Broks

drums (ex-Exivious)

Former Members/Guests

Pieter Verpaalen


Eric Kalsbeek


Jochem Jacobs


Dennis Aarts


Richard Rietdijk



2004 Listenable
  1. Swandive
  2. Ostensibly Impregnable
  3. Young Man
  4. Transgression
  5. The Barrier
  6. Effluent
  7. Polars
  8. Heave
  • Pieter Verpaalen
  • Bart Hennephof
  • Jochem Jacobs
  • Dennis Aarts
  • Richard Rietdijk
  • Stef Broks

Drawing Circles  
2006 Listenable
  1. Drive
  2. Regenesis
  3. Denying Gravity
  4. Illumination
  5. Stream of Consciousness
  6. Upwards
  7. Circular
  8. Millstone
  9. Touching the Absolute
  10. Surreal State of Enlightenment
  • Eric Kalsbeek
  • Bart Hennephof
  • Jochem Jacobs
  • Dennis Aarts
  • Richard Rietdijk
  • Stef Broks

2008 Listenable
  1. Old Days Born Anew
  2. The Sun's Architect
  3. Awake
  4. Laments of an Icarus
  5. One Eye for a Thousand
  6. State of Disobedience
  7. Storm Warning
  8. Messengers
  9. To Erase a Lifetime
  • Eric Kalsbeek
  • Bart Hennephof
  • Jochem Jacobs
  • Remko Tielemans
  • Stef Broks
2008 Readers' Album #96

2011 Nuclear Blast
  1. Arms Of The Sea
  2. Black Horses Stampede
  3. Reaching Home
  4. Sanguine Draws The Oath
  5. Consonant Hemispheres
  6. Burning The Midnight Oil
  7. Singularity
  8. Minor Earth, Major Skies
  9. Stoic Resignation
  10. Foreclosure
  11. Sketches From A Motionless Statue
  • Daniel de Jongh
  • Bart Hennephof
  • Jochem Jacobs
  • Remko Tielemans
  • Uri Dijk
  • Stef Broks

2016 Nuclear Blast
  1. Oceans Collide
  2. New Horizons
  3. Shaping a Single Grain of Sand
  4. Illuminate the Trail
  5. Meander
  6. Erosion
  7. The Fourth Prime
  8. Zman
  9. Timeless
  • Daniel de Jongh
  • Bart Hennephof
  • Joe Tal
  • Remko Tielemans
  • Uri Dijk
  • Stef Broks

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