Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: November 1, 2006
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Degree Absolute

Degree Absolute was formed by Aaron Bell, originally as a solo project (he recorded an initial demo by himself, before recruiting a proper band). Both he and drummer Doug Beary are part of the prog metal band Defyance, and while both that band and this one specialize in progressive metal, the similarities end there, as Degree Absolute (the 2006 self-titled debut) is a bit more exploratory, ranging from a heavier, prog/thrash approach (Exist) to the odd but cool industrial tinge Really, over the course of ten songs there is quite a diversity of prog metal styles, refreshing in an age where many bands lock onto a single all-encompassing sound that never deviates from one song to the next. This is one of the best prog metal albums released this year, and a surefire recommendation for prog fans.

Current Members

Aaron Bell

guitars/keyboards/vocals (Defyance)

Dave Lindeman


Doug Beary

drums (Defyance)


Degree Absolute  
2006 Sensory
  1. Exist
  2. Laughing Alone
  3. Questions
  4. Confession
  5. Distance
  6. HalfManHalfBiscuit
  7. Pi
  8. Ask Nothing of Me
  9. Ergo Sum
  • Aaron Bell
  • Dave Lindeman
  • Doug Beary

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