Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Page online: September 3, 2023
Last update/review: September 3, 2023


Quite simply, Wilderun is a revelation. Their style, by description, isn't terribly unique, with "progressive death metal" being the starting point with a healthy folk influence and plenty of symphonic bombast, but this Massachusetts-based outfit outclasses the field. The songs are epic in both length and breadth but never feel over-indulgent, the soaring clean vocals are majestic with the harsh death vocals deftly interspersed provide a nice counterbalance of styles, and the musicianship and production are flawless. Soundalikes? Several seem to point to a cross between Opeth and Turisas, Ne Obliviscaris could be considered a kindred spirit and these ears even occasionally detect a hint of the once-mighty Bal-Sagoth, though taken to a different level. 2015's Sleep At The Edge Of The Earth (their second album) started the buzz, but the two followups in Veil Of Imagination and Epigone (the latter finally on a label after their first three efforts were independent) have kicked everything up a notch. Simply essential progressive metal listening.

Current Members

Evan Berry

vocals/guitars/keyboards (ex-Immortal Bird)

Wayne Ingram

guitars/backing vocals

Daniel Müller

bass/backing vocals

Jonathan Teachey

drums/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Joe Gettler



Olden Tales & Deathly Trails  
2012 independent
  1. The Cracking Glow
  2. Suncatcher
  3. How Stands the Glass Around?
  4. Storm Along
  5. Vaunting Veins
  6. The Coasts of High Barbaree
  7. The Dying Californian
  • Evan Berry
  • Wayne Ingram
  • Daniel Müller
  • Jonathan Teachey

Sleep At The Edge Of The Earth  
2015 independent
  1. Dust and Crooked Thoughts
  2. And So Opens the Earth (Ash Memory Part I)
  3. Hope and Shadow (Ash Memory Part II)
  4. Bite the Wound (Ash Memory Part III)
  5. The Faintest Echo (Ash Memory Part IV)
  6. The Garden of Fire
  7. Linger
  8. The Means to Preserve
  9. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
  • Evan Berry
  • Wayne Ingram
  • Joe Gettler
  • Daniel Müller
  • Jonathan Teachey

Veil Of Imagination  
2019 independent
  1. The Unimaginable Zero Summer
  2. O Resolution!
  3. Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun
  4. Scentless Core (Budding)
  5. Far from Where Dreams Unfurl
  6. Scentless Core (Fading)
  7. The Tyranny of Imagination
  8. When the Fire and the Rose Were One
  • Evan Berry
  • Wayne Ingram
  • Joe Gettler
  • Daniel Müller
  • Jonathan Teachey

2022 Century Media
  1. Exhaler
  2. Woolgatherer
  3. Passenger
  4. Identifier
  5. Ambition
  6. Distraction I
  7. Distraction II
  8. Distraction III
  9. Distraction Nulla
  10. Everything in Its Right Place (Radiohead cover)
  11. Exhaler (Synth Mix)
  • Evan Berry
  • Wayne Ingram
  • Daniel Müller
  • Jonathan Teachey

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