Origin: Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: July 21, 2003


Somewhat similar to Depressive Age, Human Errors shows this German band playing a decent form of progressive Germanic thrash metal. Melanie Bock's vocals (which alternate between high-pitched melodies and rougher barks ala Dawn Crosby) complement the music well. The band finally managed to get a second album out (not reviewed here) in 1999, and continued on until late 2001. As of May of 2002, several of the members were reportedly working together in a new project called Sand Liquid.

Last Lineup

Melanie Bock


Jörg Schrör


Stefan Speidel


Christian Wulff


Andreas Düwel


Former Members/Guests

Klaus Florian Muller


Carsten Bachorz



Human Errors  
1991 1MF
  1. Something Incomprehensible
  2. Law Enforcement Agency
  3. Repetitions Of Human Errors
  4. Let Me Explain
  5. Save Your Dignity
  6. No Brain/No Pain
  7. Discord
  8. Monofaces
  9. Better To Forget
  • Melanie Bock
  • Jörg Schrör
  • Klaus Florian Muller
  • Christian Wulff
  • Carsten Bachorz

Inner War  
1999 Angular
  1. Cry
  2. Schweissnaht
  3. Two
  4. Inner War
  5. Ciphers
  6. Synchronicity I
  7. Conclusion (Reprise)
  8. Industrial Dictatorship
  9. Guilty
  10. First-Take-Ponka-Song
  11. Instinct Science Faith
  12. Affengesicht
  13. ... Which Have Been Predicted
  14. Rain
  • Melanie Bock
  • Jörg Schrör
  • Stefan Speidel
  • Christian Wulff
  • Andreas Düwel

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