Origin: England  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: February 25, 2004

Fifth Season

Fifth Season looked to be a promising British progressive metal band, as their 1997 Journey Through An Open Mind album had a unique and original style, sounding a bit like The Beyond or even Rush in places, and in general being heavier and more interesting than the Dream Theater-styled bands often synomymous with progressive metal. They never progressed beyond their one self-released album, but three of the four members later were in a band called Dvoid, and many years later, two guys showed up in Synaptik.

Last Lineup

John Knight

vocals (Synaptik)

David Ray


Kevin Jackson

bass (Synaptik)

Jed Dawkins

drums (ex-Skyclad)


Journey Through An Open Mind  
1997 independent
  1. Shadows Of Hope
  2. A Little Rain (Must Fall)
  3. Tomorrow's Conscience
  4. Voice For Insecurity
  5. Of Profit To The Wise
  6. Again
  7. Age Of Light
  8. Birth Of Acquisition
  9. Enemy Unseen
  • John Knight
  • David Ray
  • Kevin Jackson
  • Jed Dawkins

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