Origin: Derby, England  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: August 31, 2016

The Beyond

The Beyond was a curious 90's act, fusing progressive and thrash influences such that didn't really sound like either of those terms, but something else quite different. They released two albums, the raw frenetic Crawl and the darker, more mature Chasm, with the former being truly an outstandingly unique album that still stands the test of time. They broke up in 1994, and then three of the members came back together to form Gorilla, who released some EPs in the late nineties.

Last Lineup

John Whitby

vocals (ex-Gorilla)

Andrew Gatford

guitars (ex-Gorilla)

James Kersey


Neil Cooper

drums (ex-Gorilla, Therapy?)


1992 EMI
  1. Sacred Garden
  2. Great Indifference
  3. No More Happy Ever Afters
  4. Everybody Wins
  5. Nail
  6. Day Before Tomorrow
  7. One Step Too Far
  8. The Eve Of My Release
  9. Empire
  10. Sick
  11. Lead The Blind
  12. Dominoes
  • John Whitby
  • Andrew Gatford
  • James Kersey
  • Neil Cooper

1993 Music For Nations
  1. Cypress Era
  2. Stagnant
  3. Melt
  4. Sentimental Vultures
  5. Matter Metropolis
  6. Sweet Tastes Sweeter
  7. Onion
  8. Grey
  9. Vive Le Republique
  10. Mother My Lover
  • John Whitby
  • Andrew Gatford
  • James Kersey
  • Neil Cooper

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