Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal, Progressive Metal
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Page online: June 19, 2001
Last update/review: January 15, 2017

Theory In Practice

Sweden's Theory In Practice play an ambitious form of technical death metal, a style not often attempted and even less frequently done well, given the high degree of musicianship needed to pull it off. While not quite at the Lethargy level of mania, they slot nicely next to a band such as Canada's Martyr, with harsh death-ish vocals and riffing but with tempo changes aplenty and top-notch musicianship from all involved. Sometimes this form of metal can be unwieldy, with the complex riff changes awkwardly spliced together, but here the songs flow nicely, the band is quite at home playing this style. The first two albums are the most adventurous, with their more recent Colonizing The Sun toning down the complexity a notch, while still retaining enough energy and riffage to please their fan base. As Colonizing was released back in 2002, they are probably done at this point.

Last Lineup

Andreas Lyngmo


Peter Sjöberg

guitars (Mekong Delta, ex-Mutant)

Patrik Sjoberg


Former Members/Guests

Henrik Ohlsson

vocals/drums (ex-Mutant, Scar Symmetry)

Johan Ekman


Mattias Engstrand



Third Eye Function  
  1. The Third Eye Function
  2. Astral Eyes
  3. Self Alternative
  4. Worlds Within Worlds (The Etheral Withdrawal)
  5. The Expiring Utopia
  6. Theoretical Conviction
  7. Void Of Origin
  8. Inexplicable Nature
  • Henrik Ohlsson
  • Johan Ekman
  • Peter Sjöberg
  • Mattias Engstrand

The Armageddon Theories  
1999 Listenable
  1. Dehumanized
  2. The Visionaire
  3. Departure
  4. Prophecies
  5. Carnage Earth
  6. Embryo
  7. Posthuman Era
  8. Embodied For War
  • Henrik Ohlsson
  • Peter Sjöberg
  • Mattias Engstrand

Colonizing The Sun  
2002 Listenable
  1. Colonizing The Sun
  2. The Psychomantum Litany (Chronicle Excerpt)
  3. Shapeshifter
  4. Ashen Apocrypha
  5. That Clockwork That Counts Aeons
  6. Illuminati
  7. Replica Dawn
  8. This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us
  • Henrik Ohlsson
  • Peter Sjöberg
  • Mattias Engstrand
  • Patrik Sjoberg

Crescendo Dezign  EP
  1. Thermodynamic Process
  2. Abstract Entities
  3. Journal of a Modified
  4. Cryobiological Expansion
  5. Synchronized Emptiness
  • Andreas Lyngmo
  • Peter Sjöberg
  • Patrik Sjoberg

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