Origin: Haparanda, Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: March 24, 2020


Mutant was a side project for two members of the technical death metal band Theory In Practice, here opting to explore black metal. As one might expect given their pedigree, the musicianship here was in fine form, almost to the same degree of complexity as in their other band, yet this was undeniably black metal and not death metal, with vocalist Henrik Ohlsson shifting his vocals from a death-ish rasp to a more standard black metal style here. The drums were programmed, but they sounded more natural than most other attempts at drum programming, and they certainly didn't not detract from the overall sound.

Last Lineup

Henrik Ohlsson

vocals (Scar Symmetry, ex-Theory In Practice)

Peter Sjöberg

guitars/bass/programming (Mekong Delta, ex-Theory In Practice)


The Aeonic Majesty  
1999 Listenable
  1. The Majestic Twelve
  2. Demonworlds
  3. Premonitions Erupt
  4. Beyond Bet Durrabia
  5. The Aeonic Majesty
  6. Immemorial Lunacy
  7. Dark Spheres
  8. Eden Burnt To Ashes
  9. Abduct To Mutate
  • Henrik Ohlsson
  • Peter Sj√∂berg

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