Origin: Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: May 1, 2002

End Amen

End Amen was a side project formed by Owe Osterlehner (Deathrow) and Siggi Blasey. During a Deathrow/ Psychotic Waltz tour, the pair played some rehearsal tapes to Waltzers Dan Rock and Norm Leggio, who decided to contribute, thus completing the lineup. The material was not too far removed from later Deathrow efforts, that being progressive Germanic thrash.

Last Lineup

Uwe Osterlehner

vocals/guitars (ex-Deathrow)

Dan Rock

guitars (ex-Darkstar, Psychotic Waltz)

Siggi Blasey

bass (ex-Darkstar)

Norm Leggio

drums (ex-Brick Bath, ex-Cage, Psychotic Waltz, ex-Teabag)


Your Last Orison  
1992 Institute Arts
  1. World In Decay
  2. Prisons Of Posterity
  3. End Amen
  4. Rebirth
  5. Mystic Mountains
  6. A New Day's Absurdity
  7. Nocturnal March
  8. Your Last Orison
  9. Silence
  • Uwe Osterlehner
  • Dan Rock
  • Siggi Blasey
  • Norm Leggio

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