Origin: Düsseldorf, Germany  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: January 17, 2017


Darkstar was a solo album/project by Psychotic Waltz guitarist Dan Rock, and also featuring Siggi Blasey, with whom Rock worked with on the End Amen project. The debut album shows traces of Psychotic Waltz in the guitarwork, but the general feel here is more atmospheric, with Pink Floydian effects and traces of a new-age feel. Though not as metallic as Psychotic Waltz, it is an interesting album, and should appeal to progressive metal fans.

Last Lineup

Dan Rock

guitars/programming (ex-End Amen, Psychotic Waltz)

Siggi Blasey

keyboards/programming (ex-End Amen)

Martin Lordanidis


Oliver Werner

drums (ex-Tankard)


Marching Into Oblivion  
1996 Institute Arts
  1. Marching Into Oblivion
  2. Confusion On A Grand Scale
  3. Darkstar
  4. Waiting
  5. Gateway
  6. Out There
  7. A New Beginning
  8. Alone
  9. Alien Christ

Heart Of Darkness  
1999 ?
  1. Dark Paradise
  2. Flight To Nowhere
  3. The Sound Of Nothing
  4. Transitory Angel
  5. Infinite Distance
  6. The Dream
  7. Not Today
  8. Look To The Sky
  9. The Last Drop Of Light
1999 Readers' Album #92

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