Origin: Belgium  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: December 21, 2005


Not to be confused with the 70's rock band of the same name, this Renaissance is an obscure Belgian duo whose 1994 release, The Death Of Art, is an intriguing and bizarre album. The album consists of two epics, one over 40 minutes and the other over 30, with different lineups on each (the duo below is the core, surrounded by various session players). On one song, vocalist Santiago Janssens sings clean (a clear, not particularly melodic voice), while on the other he sings in a standard death metal style. Both songs feature endless tempo/mood changes, never sticking to any one riff for very long, leading to some perplexing but quite interesting listening. This definitely belongs in the progressive category, but absolutely should not be lumped in with Dream Theater clones that one might think of when the phrase "progressive metal" is mentioned. Definitely a band for the "something different" metal fan.

The duo recorded various demos and the likes over the years, but formally retired the name Renaissance, in deference to the aforementioned 70's band who apparently have reformed. Chris Onss is continuing the effort with a new project called Red Nucleus (link below).

Last Lineup

Santiago Janssens


Chriss Ons



The Death Of Art  
1994 Shiver
  1. The Death Of Art
  2. Archway
  • Santiago Janssens
  • Chriss Ons

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